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Since the beginning of October I noticed that more and more Bloggers decorate their blogs for fall and some even already for Halloween. Therefore I told my cats to pose for me so that we could make a nice header for fall.

First I asked Arthur, he was sleeping deeply on the sofa and when I put the little pumpkins around him, he didn't even open an eye ! I was offended. I said Arthur open your eyes and look at these cute pumpkins, Arthur just sniffed a little bit (still eyes closed) and then ...

turned around and showed me his back. So no sophisticated picture of Arthur in my future header.

Then I went to Rosie, she of course woke up by curiousity. I asked her to sit and look cute, and show her big round eyes, mixed with the round pumpkins that would look very nice,

but no, she too, didn't behave as I wanted, she sniffed and even tried to bite off a piece of pumpkin. I quickly had to take it away. I still need them.

As my beloved models had sent me to hell, or at least to the next room where Pookie was sleeping. I tried my luck with her

and see, Pookie behaved as a perfect model and posed !

The others I didn't even ask, Kim being never there when I need her and old Lisa says she doesn't want to be model anymore ! She has done her share.

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Very colorful post this week. It is
funny how cats sometimes are in the mood to take photos. And then other days they turn their backs and heads
and it is impossible to get a good
picture! But we love them anyway!!!
Have a great day! :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Getting cats to pose is no easy thing. Arthur the little rascal does have a lovely tummy though. Worth showing off!

MonikaRose said...

Hi, yes I agree cats strike a pose when they feel like. Great fall colors Gattina, love your new background and header. Have a great COT day ;)

MonikaRose said...

Gattina, my husband does not like cats or dogs in the house, they do damage the furniture and jump on kitchen table, etc. But now and then we let him stay for a while because we love him :) My previous cat at my mum's was an indoor cat, RIP. I found her and she was with us for a very long time, indoors. She let us know when she wanted to go out :) Miss her heaps, her name was Minda. cya

Al said...

Ah ha I was around here earlier and found your blog under construction hee hee. Very smart background in time for the Halloween. Umm you're models are not in the mood for photo shooting? Mine sometimes do!
Or maybe they are still getting used with your new header hee hee.


Ydiana said...

Lol... I think they were too sleepy to pose! Arthuer was really cute when sleepy! Good for Pookie!

Nice new bagkground, Gattina! :)

Ginger said...

OOps, I messed up. Mine didn't show up for awhile, so I re-entered.

Luna und Luzie said...

This is a very autumn like post today, Gattina!!!
I think the bright background with Arthur fits perfect with the pumpkins.
Oah, please don´t let Rosie try the pumpkins. Patch tried and had to vomit after eating a little piece.
Pookie seems to be a perfect model.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Mum LOL at the post because she says she knows just what you mean. We cats will not pose when we are wanted to and when we do nice poses the camera is not around.. You didnt do so bad the photo's are lovely.. Hugs GJ x

Puss-in-Boots said...

If I tried to do that with my two, they'd probably start patting them all around the place...oooh, new playthings! They look very colourful though, especially against the cats' fur.

Milo and Alfie said...

They ALL look beautiful wiv the pumpkins!

Cindy said...

Thank goodness for Pookie, otherwise you'd had no Fall photos.
Arthur just couldn't be bothered and Rosie had other things on her mind! Great photos as always.

Dora said...

Too confused to choose? ;p

Unknown said...

Your kitties are just too cute as always. Great job on the header and blog design for fall. :)

Cats of wildcat woods said...

Lovely fall photos of the kitties! Come see Minnie's dirty toes!

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I can see that even though your three models didn't want to cooperate you still have decorated for the fall.
Even though you had sleepy models the photos were really cute.

Annie Bear said...

I think you're new banner looks great. The kitties' pictures all turned out so cute. Fun post seeing the cats' different reactions.

catsynth said...

Actually, those pictures of Arthur with the gourds are quite amusing. And the photo with Pookie is very cute.
It reminds me of Luna's autumn-themec pic from a few years ago:


Coming back to the present, here is our cats-on-tuesday picture:


Splendid Little Stars said...

I have very little luck getting my 2 cats to pose for photos. I have to sneak up and catch them in the act. But then, they see me and immediately stop what they were doing.
I have a white cat like your Arthur and a black and white cat like your Rosie.

fun photos!
Al of http://burntricerepublic.blogspot.com told me of the Tuesday cat meme.

We love Luna said...

Hello dear friends, so nice to see you all in a Halloween mood!
Beautiful collages!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Cute idea! Arthur is sleepy like my Marshmellow.
Did Pookie get extra treats for being such a good model?


Rosemary B❤️ said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures today! Oh such nice fall poses.
Arthur you are always so good for pictures ...what happened today?
Rosie, you are a good girl and Pookie, your pose is perfect!


Anonymous said...

It was very sweet of Pookie to be your model. Sometimes it is hard to get good models!

Ginger said...

No one tells a cat what to do. My favorite is of Arthur's tummy showing.

Ginger said...

Oh, and I suppose Lisa does not want to be Katherine Hepburn or Bette Davis!

Karen Jo said...

I love the pictures of Arthur with the pumpkins, even if he is asleep. It was very nice of Pookie to pose nicely with you. Rosie is still as cute as can be.

Genevieve Netz said...

Your kitties look very cute decorated for Halloween. I have a couple of cats myself -- I wonder how they might feel about a nice autumn portrait among the pumpkins?!

Elin said...

Hello Gattina!

Send my regard to your kitties!