I think Arthur thought that he had put on weight during these long winter months so he was checking the space between wall and bed to see if he still would fit in.

Suddenly I heard rumbles, rattles and scratches behind my bed and indeed he had made it ! For a few moments I thought that he would never manage to get out and was already thinking about moving the bed, when suddenly he jumped out and on the bed

where he met Rosie ready for a little wrestle ! Not for the Olympics but only in private.

Rosie has changed since she was so sick. She became a chatterbox. She speaks now. We have long conversations together which is very funny. I never had a talking cat !

Pookie still hopes for better weather so she could go out a bit, meanwhile she squats the kitchen table and waits for feeding hours.

Old Lisa (18) doesn't care about weather, she spends the whole day glued at the radiator and warms up her old bones. From time to time she checks on the food bowls, eats and returns to her well heated napping place.

Kim, since she had been professionally groomed is now mostly outside again and only shows up when she is hungry.


Andree said...

Hi there everybody. I've been so busy the past many months and always think of all of you still. I am so gratified to see that everyone is well. I see you have had illnesses and worries and I'm glad everyone is well now. I'll have a lot of exciting news in the next three months! But I want to come back to the first meme I ever joined.

I wish I looked as good with my holiday weight as Arthur does!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I have been very busy for a while,
now Rosie gets better right?
I hope she is,
because she is the best cute Tuxie girl to me!!

Adan also is a talking cat as well,
he likes talking to Arion all the way.

Ydiana said...

Hi Gattina

How are you! You always have such hilarious and adorable stories with your furries! Enjoyed them very much! :)

Al said...

Hello Arthur, Pookie, Rosie and Lisa. Is it really cold outside? Don't worry Mom will keep you warm and will keep up with your feeding time. Pookie don't look at me like that MOL!


Ellen Whyte said...

Arthur putting on the winter pounds? Poor boy! He'll lose them in the spring again. Funny how Rosie is all chatty now; Target is beginning to talk too. But more "meep" than "meow"!

The Chair Speaks said...

Looks like all is back to normal, well and good!

Luna und Luzie said...

Hehehe I always have to smile about Arthur because he always remind me to Olli. It seems they are siblings.
Now you know how it is to live with a chatterbox....Luna is one too...we can talk about this and that...all the day long ;o)

*Happy Tuesday*

We love Luna said...

Hello dear friends!
Time for a Happy Tuesday with all of you!
I think we all got some weight during this winter.When Spring arrived we can play much more and walk and forget a little bit about delicious food ( my mommy said it with real hope inside her heart, she also got some weight and she is very mad about....LOL ).
Lisa is totally smart, the better place to stay is near the central heating!
Hugs, purrs and love for all

Pam said...

Poor Arthur! It is hard to get exercise during the winter! I love seeing how he fit into the tight spaces.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Arthur is making us laugh again! So glad Rosie is better.

Both Luna and Arthur are talking cats, especially at 4am in the mornings.

Carla said...

Whew, I was worried there your kitty just MIGHT not make it back out:)
We had a chatterbox once named Bob. Bob had alot to say.
Pookie and my Uno have the same outlook, better weather, and a full bowl!!

Unknown said...

I am with Kim, just want to eat and cuddle against the heater lol. I had a cat named Sophie who suffered a badly broken leg and had to have a pin put in...after the experience her personality completely changed and she became so loving and sweet! I'll be Rosie has a cute little meow. My Katy is the chatterbox and she is such a loudmouth lol! Happy Tuesday. :)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I bet Rosie is telling you how happy she is to be feeling better. Arthur makes me laugh. I am glad there was enough space for him to get back up on the bed.
Old Lisa and I have something in common. My bones hurt in the cold and I like to sit where the heater vent blows the warm air on me.

Happy Tuesday
Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

Maribeth said...

Oh that Arthur is surely a devil! I had a cat once that did nothing but talk! She was named QT and talked all the time. She was a beautiful seal point apple head siamese!

Cindy said...

I'd love to have a talking cat like Rosie, I'll bet it is funny. Pookie looks like she is telling you she is hungry. So cute on the table.


Winter feels like it is dragging on!
All of my cats are so happy when the sun is shining and its warmer in their favorite sleeping spots!
ahhh poor Rosie, Rosie being an older cat ,her activity level goes down so much they pretty much nap the days away.....((Kitty Hugs For Rosie))

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Arthur we all have put on a little winter weight - it will come off in spring! Good to see Rosie is doing better.

Splendid Little Stars said...

so Arthur can still fit!
That's funny that Rosie has become a chatterbox. I had a Siamese who was quite talkative. My cat Oliver talks some to. It's quite fun!

Irishcoda said...

It's so nice to know Arthur's still able to fit between the wall and the bed and can still jump back up. Kosmo would need to lose more weight before he could do that. I guess being sick changed Rosie's personality a little?

Cliff and Olivia said...

How good to see you all doing fine. Having to stay inside because of the snow and cold can be boring. Maybe Lisa has the right idea :-)

It's so nice that Rosie has started talking. We talk to our Humans - a lot - and they really seem to enjoy it ;-)

Mary said...

I'm with Lisa...give me a warm place to curl up! I'm sure the cats are as sick of winter as we are.

Ginger said...

Arthur, we humans also put on weight in the winter. I'm glad you still fit behind the bed.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We think Rosie is telling yoo how grateful she is that yoo nursed her back to health.
And Arthur is very sensible putting on a heavy winter coat!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I like the warmie spot the best.
Arthur looks like a marshmallow... no no do not tell him I said it.
Lisa, she is a good kittie and I am glad that she is moving around and paying attention to the food bowls.
Rosie, is very happy with you and now she trusts you to take care of her. I am glad she is talking. She is telling you her life story. You should take notes perhaps....

I hope the weather gets warmer for all of you. Here it is a little bit warm. I like sun.


thatdesigngal said...

Hi there!!! What a wonderful idea!! I will be back next Tuesday with a story to tell. We have several cats, so there is always a story to tell!

Your babies are cute!!