Kim was sitting in our garden and looked like a cat model for and add, so I wanted to take a picture, but of course instead of sitting there and posing in full beauty she came over when she saw me with my camera.

still it's not that bad.

Miss Rosie supervised me when I mowed the lawn and then she sniffed happily the freshly cut grass. Rosie is like a little dog, she follows me everywhere.

Here she was supposed to look cute under the wardrobe, but by the time I had my camera ready, that's all what I got. Two white little paws and a piece of tail.

Arthur loves to eat pasta, especially spaghettis. We eat pasta very often but not spaghettis, so he was quiet surprised to see these long white worms hanging from Mr. G's fingers but then he ate with a big appetite and couldn't get enough.

As soon as the sun is shining he takes his job as guardian of our house very seriously ! No dog can move him away, he just looks at them when the dog barks and pulls his owner almost to the ground, he just moves an ear. Humans of all sizes and sex are allowed to pet him.

As my room is just over the entrance, I can hear their comments : Look at this cute cat etc.... or @%*$&# dog, dammit !


The Chair Speaks said...

LOL! Kim didn't pose for your photos. My cats do the same thing too!
Have to be careful not to give too much of human food to Arthur. Onions are toxic to cats.
I would not just pet Arthur if I walk past, I would carry him away! My hero Arthur! :)

Al said...

Petunia is the one who is not really cooperative but Prudence is one such nice kitty! I like her when I take photos of her, she just stay still.

I like Arthur's pose in the front yard, he really keeps an eye for strangers. The white kitty statue is nice too.

We love Luna said...

Bonjour sweet friends and dear Gattina!

hehehe Arthur is a great cat patrol!A guardian! He is so adorable.I'm curious about "pasta", I've never tried it, I will ask mommy for it next time.
Kim is really a catmodel, she is beautiful posing in your garden.You know...yesterday mommy was trying to catch my picture as well, and I did the same, I went to meet her.I think Gattina was lucky, your pictures are great, my mommy was not so fast! LOL
The smart cute Rosie found a good place to hide.She has lovely paws!
After some days off, my mommy and I are trying to catch up with blogging.I miss you so much, I'm happy here visiting you now!
purrs and love

Boom Nisanart said...

Arthur is a super star of this week..Thump up for the pasta : )

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We love pasta too and we larfed at Arthur being such a hussy wiv letting efurrybuddy pet him!

We are just like Kim, when mom gets the camera too. And Rosie is too cute, following yoo around!

ItaJeff said...

Rosie is so beautiful
Kim is gorgeous
and Arthur, a great guardian...emm..the pasta looks yummmyyyyy

Unknown said...

Isn't it always so that the kitties never stay posed like they should? I had to catch Mimi's pose this week through the kitchen window without her knowledge lol. Mimi follows me all around as well, sometimes when I'm cleaning the house and I'm constantly back and forth she drives me crazy being my shadow! Have a great week Gattina. :)

catsynth said...

Arthur and "fake Arthur" look like book ends on either side of the steps (even if they aren't posing the same way). He must be very relaxed and confident to stand his ground and welcome attention from others.

It is also interesting how he is fond of pasta - it's favorite in our household, though Luna has no interest in it.

Ginger said...

Miss Rosie was playing hide and seek under that wardrobe, and I have never seen a cat who liked pasta. Mine are strictly meat eaters when it comes to people food. Check out my pictures for COT

Sparkle said...

Yes, we kitties are not known for being cooperative models! But when you work around our agenda, sometimes it'll work out.

meowmeowmans said...

LOL. Even when you have the camera at the ready, sometimes the pictures don't work out as planned. :)

Ellen Whyte said...

This really makes me laugh. Have you shown Arthur a cat book so that he understands that cats don't eat pasta? I've told Target and Au that cats don't eat cheese or sweetcorn but they insist they do. And Target follows me like Rosie follows you. I must admit, I love the company.