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As a proud cat owner I wanted to take pictures of my darling cats for Christmas cards purposes.
My first victim was Rosie :

I put a Santa on the table and expected that she would sit down and "smile" but no, first she had to check what that was and what a strange odor it had

Apparently it didn't smell very good

Then she looked if there was something interesting around. I had put a little Christmal ball on his knee to get her attention

Result, bad Rosie put her paw between his legs ! Dirty girl !

and pulled out something

A little ball ! How interesting !

Santa didn't support this behaviour and fainted

I put him up again and asked Rosie kindly to make friendly big eyes. She tried (not) her best,

and the result is rather mediocre.

I have to wait for a better day !



Rosie likes the Kriskringle and is
telling him he better get her a
nice toy for Christmas! I like your
taunnenbaum back round! Very festive!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Did I read right? Rosie got one of Santa's b...s?? Poor Santa, no wonder he fainted. Heheh!

Ellen Whyte said...

Now that's Christmas deco for cats!

I've had some trouble leaving notes on your blog, and I think people have had trouble leaving notes on mine because I had 400 visitors and only 2 or 3 comments! Taking part in COT today again but didn't do the Mr Linky thing. Also, I've upgraded my browser. And already 9 comments in a few hours. Hmmmm.

Target used to be like your cats taking his pill but he's improving. That towel wrap thing happens next week when they get their annual injections. then we'llbe collapsing in the chair with red faces. Wish us all luck.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I am crazy laughing at Rosies behavior and your description.

Anonymous said...

I so love the pictures! Your cats are really cute and they love the camera!

My cat is in Christmas mood, too! you can check it here.

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh Rosie, what are you doing with the Santa???

The Christmasdecoration is almost fun to discover for cats. Olli also discorvered everthing...but what is when we get the tree???
Vielleicht sollte ich dann die Blumenspritze griffbereit halten?

Happy Tuesday!

The Activist said...


I was talking about the disappearance of the "Auto-link" last week

Dianna said...

Diamond and Tris are both getting good at avoiding the flash. I think the new digital has a way to set the ASA and shutter speed so I don't to use a flash,but I need to work on that. Then we'll do the X-mas pictures (kind of ).

Irishcoda said...

I got such a good laugh from Rosie's antics with Santa. I really needed that. I love the way your blog is decorated for Christmas! :)

catsynth said...

The photos do make a funny series, and the last two seem like card possibilities.

We're finally back doing our CatSynth pics today.

mummymeow said...

Rosie and Santa is really cute. Trust her or any cat to spot the ball....

Cafe Cats said...

You still got some wonderful holiday poses of Rosie and Santa!

Anonymous said...

Rosie is very cute with Santa. It is too bad he fainted but hopefully he woke up soon!

Very cute pictures!

Everycat said...

Very sweet pictures, I think Rosie was quite restrained with Santa's ball!

Whicky Wuudler

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I know it... you were expecting perfect photos like you see in Christmas books and on cards... well, we don't do that either, no way.
Personally, I enjoy making blurry photos. Well done Rosie!!

Grammy said...

Thanks for the smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

I love all animals, but have had many cats from time to time. I love them. Your pictures are great. Each cat has there own personality. I am going to bookmark your site. It's a special site to me. Thank you