It's always the same. If you want to make nice pictures you can be sure that it won't work. Here is the second photo session I tried for Christmas Greeting cards !

I tried to wake up Sir Arthur, but he was very busy with his afternoon nap and he

slept and


and continued to sleep even when Santa fainted on him !

But then he was offended because of his disturbed afternoon nap and to comfort himself he sniffed in my slippers and fainted too !

I looked for other victims. Kim and Pookie were outside. Lisa had her nose in the radiator and was out of use. But there was still Rosie left !

I put an angel between her paws, telling me two angels would be a nice subject

but Rosie didn't seem very interested in this strange thing

it didn't even smell like catnip !

But she didn't protest and looked everywhere except into the camera. I gave up ! Hopefully I will make it until Christmas !

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michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I think Rosie's photos with Angel is very very darling.
Rosie Is a girl, no matter could show this tender faces~!

Arthur is very sweet, too.
I like he is deeply deeply sleeping at winter~!! How great,
Adan never could rest because Lego bothers and bothers and bothers :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, well Arthur is doing what he does best.

But there are some lovely photos of Rosie. It doesn't matter that she is not looking at the camera.

Everycat said...

This is so funny! (and so true says Mum) Rosie and Arthur are beautiful. We like to pull ugly faces or squint hideously when Mum gets the camera out, or lick our bums!

Have a lovely weekend

Whicky Wuudler & his face pulling family.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Rosie and Arthur, even if they aren't cooperating!

Karen Jo said...

Hee-hee, you can always count on the cats not co-operating for a good picture when you really want one. The pictures are still fun to see, though.

Forty Paws said...

Hee hee! I guess this is what photographers put up with all the time!

Luf, Us

Anonymous said...

Milo's Mom: Well I just loved the pics you did take anyway - so cuddly and gorgeous and natural.

Milo: And I love your Christmas blo header too. Alfie is wearing a Christmas Santa Paws hat today on our bloggie.

Alfie: I am too!

The Cat Realm said...

HAHAHAHAHA! We just never cooperate! We also wonder how your X-mas card will look like eventually!
Don't miss the next CCSI episode!!! The first part will air tomorrow, see you there!

RW said...

You have some great cats Gattina! While I am more of a dog lover, I gotta love that crazy nut neighbors cat it wouldn't be the same without her hanging around asking where's the beef!

Karen Jo said...

I have given you an award.

Deana said...

We did a planned card near the woods of our house this year and not one of the cats would stay in the scene. I just knew Darius would as he loves to hang with us in that spot but no he was down rubbing against the photographer.

TorAa said...

Real Christmas Cats.
But how can they resist playing?

btw. You can click on my photos to enlarge.