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I was sitting in the garden and enjoyed the warm sun. Rosie kept me company but later moved

on my seat where I had installed my laptop.

Pookie was peacefully washing herself in the sun.

and Kim rolled around, quite unusual for her. Apparently she felt very good.

Suddenly I saw Arthur coming out of the house. He stretched himself back and forth after a good nap and stalked on the terrace. He looked around telling the whole world "Here I am" ! He visibly was in a very playful mood !

He spotted Pookie and ran after her. Pookie was very upset and escaped direction hedge. But Arthur followed her, moving with the grace of an elephant.

Pookie told him : Keep away !!

But Arthur didn't listen, he wanted to play and couldn't understand that she got so angry !

He told her to calm down and then

taking a flying leap he tried to catch her ! Pookie disappeared behind the garden shed. Arthur now, very proud and satisfied that he had shown everybody who is the boss sat down and ...

cleaned his unspeakable. Of course he didn't dare to try to play with Rosie, because Rosie knows him, she gives him a slap in the face and tells him that he is only allowed to play with her when she wants ! Arthur the poor Macho !


Ellen Whyte said...

Spring is in the air! Great to see the cats sunning themselves and waking up from the long cold winter.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Excellent, Arthur!!!!
I always love seeing cats with great huge energy!!!!!
Certainly seeing Arthur makes me feel everything comes alive!!!!!!!
Arthur still in charge of everything!

Anonymous said...

The grace of an elephant? Oh, poor Arthur! Isn't it cute thAT Rosie, the the youngest, has the upper Paw?! Well done, Rosie!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gattina, this is too funny to be true: you and I have nearly identical photos today. Amazing! I guess after sleeping all winter these boys needs to work out their energy!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Deana said...

Poor Arthur, that is the way mine treat Baby. They run from her or will not play with her. And the last shot, that was just too funny. They are all happy to be able to be outside though, that seems apparent.

Anonymous said...

So funny! What a wonderful action shot you have there, not to mention the x-rated one of Arthur and his "unspeakable!"

You seem to be having lovely weather. It is finally warming up a bit here. Spring has sprung!

Sorry I have been such an unreliable COT member lately. Life has interfered with my blogging! I am here this week though.

Enjoy that lovely weather!


I think that when they get that
Spring air they get feisty! My
male Spooky has been trying to escape out of the front door and
like Arthur has this proud look
on his face! Great action photos
today Gattina! Have a great day!

Mitchypoo said...

That Arthur is something else! And that last pic of him is priceless. Happy Cats on Tuesday!

Mitchypoo said...

That Arthur is something else! And that last pic of him is priceless. Happy Cats on Tuesday!

Luna und Luzie said...

Wow...Arthur ...
I love to see your cats playing in the garden. It looks like spring !!!
A working place outside is great!
Today we have rain here but the weekend was wonderful.
Schön, alle so munter zu sehen !
Happy Tuesday!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Terrific photos! :) It looks like you are all really enjoying the sun in the garden. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Well.. I get the feeling of being playful and yet no one wants to play with me. What a bunch of sleepy heads those J Family members are. Oops.. I forgot that I'm one too :P

Daddy says sorry for being late because he had some problems loading his photos but the problems had been solved. See you all around then.


Anonymous said...

Sun, garden, great time! Arthur and CO can enjoy and play in the garden now! Poor Arthur all the cats women who didn't want to play with the hero!

Irishcoda said...

A wise king knows when and where to pounce, lol!

Bitter Betty said...

So darling!!

Jenn Valmonte said...

your cats are so cute! I love the white one....

catsynth said...

The picture of Rosie setting next to the laptop is really cute. Looks like she wants to do her own blogging :)

Ana said...

Oh, the weather looks wonderful over there! Blogging in the garden must be great!
I have checked out your vacation pics previously. They are fantastic! But don't you feel a bit cold when going swimming in Egypt in winter?

TorAa said...

You have such a wonderful Garden for all the Cats to play.
We still have to wait some days to move to our Summerhome. Also Rosa and Felicias wonderland.

And I have to go to bed. Too much work. Grrr

But I did manage to post COT this week.

puurr puurr - mieow

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day in the garden. Well except for the spat with Arthur. Rosie looks like she is about to blog!

Anonymous said...

oooh, Pookie - really excellent hisssssss! you look like a real jungle kitty!

Anonymous said...

The pics of Pookie going after Arthur are too funny :) Your cats look like they're having a blast out in the sunshine.

Pippin Took is up this week with pics of his naptime buddy.

Lara said...

cat pictures are never enough, never too much and never too funny :))!!!