I needed a white background for this little cat group and thought that Arthur's white fur would be ideal. Indeed it didn't bother him at all and he continued to nap until suddenly he made a little move and .....

they all fell down ! Arthur here admires the fainted cats !

Rosie had discovered a new bag and of course had to check it immediately

in and outside

and then she didn't know what to do and therefore thought about grooming her tail.

before she retired in her tent for a little nap.



Great photos Gattina! The
knocked down kitty figures
are funny and old cat in the
bag is great, I always love
the faces of the kitties
when they are looking out
of the bag at the camera.

Irishcoda said...

LOL, I love your pictures as always! Page 13 of a catbook...what a great idea! I'll keep that in mind if Photo Hunt (or another meme) uses a number and I don't know what to do :)

Lara said...

don't they just loooooooove to hide in bags & the like?! great photos!

Andree said...

that's hilarious: the fainted cats! I love the colors in your house, Gattina. And as for a day without action? It's a blessing occasionally to have quiet days!!

Luna und Luzie said...

Allways funny pictures. I take the bag and carry the cutie at home, ok?

Gattina, den Markt hätte ich auch gerne besucht. Hört sich gut an. Ich war auf einer Hobby Messe in Oldenburg und habe viele Stempel gekauft. Nun fange ich an ATCs zu machen. ergebnisse zeige ich dann mal an passender Stelle :o)

Anonymous said...

Arthur made the kitties faint! Hahaha. What a ManCat!

admin said...

... all in a day's cats-work:)

we love to do that kinda stuffs!

1st ManCat Monday furr Big Brother Bunjie, Meaouwy Troops leader

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Wonderful pictures of a stress free day!
I read on Luna's blog that you went to Grand Place! Yay I love that. You can spend all morning there and in the afternoon.

Happy new week!

Forty Paws said...

Great photos! We love the little wooden cats all lined up against Arthur!

Luf, Us

dennis said...

Dennis needs a new bag. Spring fever !