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My cats were happy ! The cold weather had disappeared and it was a spring day ! Miss Rosie who never wanted to go out, suddenly discovered the whole garden and enjoyed it so much that she stayed outside for quite a while and I started to get worried !

She had discovered the wheeping willow and had climbed up quite high !

She was surprised how high she was and started a little wailing meow.

My son called her and tried to get her off the tree, but as soon as he approached she was reassured and happy that there was somebody so she climbed again and even higher !

Finally he gave up and told her to get down by herself, went away and suddenly Rosie was able to get down and showed up in the living room a short while later !

Arthur prefered the front side of the house

He meticulously first watered the plants,

before he decided to climb on the car

The view was perfect ! He looked to the right

and then to the left

before he settled down to watch the neighborhood !


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

ooh Rosie, how adventures! Our Tinkerbelle loves climbing high up into trees too. I bet it's great fun.

Tink said...

That was quite an adventure for Miss Rosie! I love the pictures.


Rosie, I'am so worried about
you in the tree, be careful
baby! I loved the watchcat
on the cars, so cute! Have
a great week Gattina!

Unknown said...

Rosie, how adventures!
You are very brave!
I am very fearful of the neighbors.


Prrrthday =^.^=

Anonymous said...

What a purrfect adventure, Rosie! We climbed a Mighty Oak Tree once. It was very scairty. We have never done that again!

Arthur is very brave to get so close to the cars. We will admit, we are not so brave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina! Good for them! We might have warm weather this week finally: it snowed yesterday and today and has been bitter cold. But I can't wait till mine can climb their trees like Rosie did. They must be having such a blast out there. It's neat to see your neighborhood.

Deana said...

It is nice to see someone else's cat that wants to be on people's cars. Darius would rather walk on my car or a visitor than eat when he is hungry. I don't know why it makes him so happy.

I bet it was an exciting day for Rosie. Those first days outside are special for a kitty. I'm sure she felt independent and wild but still loved having home and safety very close by! Springtime is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you didn't have to call the fire department to get Rosie down from the tree! What excitement for her. The weather looks lovely.

Arthur probably likes to be on the car because he matches it so well. Kind of a camouflage thing!

Sorry I missed last week. I had a house full of company. One person in the group was very allergic to cats. Uh oh! She actually did fine despite my eight cats, but she did sleep in a camper outside instead of in the house!

Mitchypoo said...

So Arthur is venturing outside again. I'd be scared for Rosie in that tree, glad she made it down OK.

The Cat Realm said...

The Party in on, drop by anytime, we have "Lizards - ALL You Can Eat"! And lots of fun.

CRIZ LAI said...

What an adventurous couple... haha. I'll be back soon after i had settled some situations here including recovering from my bad flu and fever now. See ya around :)


MaR said...

I am unexperience so I would have called the firemen right away.
Hi, Gattina: aren't you surprised to see me here :)

Luna und Luzie said...

Rosie int the tree! That´s a great adventure for a cat.

I´m glad your cats can enjoy the spring weather. We have here mixed weather yesterday rain and today sunshine: April weather.
Bei mir kannst du sehen wie Luna mich den ganzen Tag auf Trab hält.
Happy Tuesday!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wow, Rosie and Arthur, you are both very brave, going outside like that! Be careful, outdoors can be a very dangerous place, and we wouldn't want anything to happen to you!

Irishcoda said...

What a brave little girl is Rosie! And how nice of Arthur to water the plants, heh heh. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Tree climbing is so much fun. Trixie loves to climb trees in the backyard and she manages to get herself down too.

It is good that Arthur is keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

What a great day outside.
Rosie climbing trees is a good activity for her... good for the heart and it will make her tired.

Happy Tuesday in Belgium!

catsynth said...

Looks like you're enjoying some nice spring days there!

Tree-climbing looks like it can be fun, but anxious - we do our "tree climbing" indoors ;)

Bitter Betty said...

I am in love with this blog!
Your cats are so beautiful and I am so happy to finally find a little place where I fit in!

Anonymous said...

Adventures begin with spring! She chose a big tree to begin them! Could you send me Arthur to climb my car?!

Obsidian Kitten said...

yay for lovely weather!

TorAa said...

Rosie is Rosie and Arthur:
King of the Road

irish daisies said...

nice adventure. mine are all inside cats and they watch the cat sitter dvd. very fun to watch

Anonymous said...

Once I was worried about one of our cats in a tree. My husband climed up to get her down, but he then he falled down - LOL!
Hmm - my cats like to sit on a car too. We can see their paw prints on the front window.

The Cat Realm said...

Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party and celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been as much fun without you - and we hope you had a great time too and not too much of a hang-over, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!