You probably wonder why I rarely write about Kim. The problem is, there is nothing to write about her. She is the perfect invisible cat. Never plays, never scratches furniture, never meows, never fights. She only likes other cats and doesn't like humans at all, besides us, there she makes an exception. So we think that she is slightly retarded. But we love her anyway.

When Kim lies around like that, I have to be careful, sometimes I think she is a mop and just want to put her away with the brooms. Here you see something of her head and even an eye, but when she lies on a dark surface it becomes difficult.

Here she is well combed and is the "beauty"

So I also tried a test with her, just to know if she is normal or not ! And here are the results :

You Are 55% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

It looks like I am right !

The only movements Kim would do !


Libbys Blog said...

I have been blog hopping and just found your lovely cat blog!! Your cats are gorgeous! I only have 2 now and they are half red burmese. All Cats have such wonderful characters. I will be back again for a visit!

TorAa said...

Oh hi, I'm sceptical here. I do think you have mopped Kim. What else can it be, that keeps her so invisible?LoL.


Jana said...

I have an invisible black cat too - he lays out like superman sometimes and looks like a rug. As for the normal test, I'm 65% normal. I'd rather gain weight than get run over by a truck...
I'm a cat-aholic. I have 4 cats, my checks have cats printed on them, I talk more about my cats than my boyfriend or my kid, or my granddaughter. I spend more money on the cats than anything else in my life, have rescued cats, housed ferals, housed orphans, fed babies that were dis-owned by mama. That's how we got IttyBitty -she was a bit retarded too (like Kim) - she got put to sleep because she wouldn't stop spraying in the house.

Piggy and Grover said...

You made me laugh aloud! Kim is a beauty and sure isn't afraid to just be who she is. She's enough!

TopChamp said...

I loved these stories. If I'm missing my cat I'll just pet yours for now instead!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

She sounds like my Chloe.. a very shy cat, but loveable with me.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Kim is very beautiful in that second photo. :) My mom is laughing at the cat aerobics cartoon, however she says it doesn't apply to me at all, as I'm very active and love to play!