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  • Last week I visited Tor's blog. He had written about a red cardinal, the bird of course and not somebody of the Vatican. There also were a link to the bird's song. Curious, I clicked on the link and the red cardinal started to sing. Suddenly, Pookie who slept peacefully on her little chair besides my desk, woke up, made big eyes and jumped on my keyboard. And as usual in so special moments, you don't have your camera around.
  • So today I armed myself with my camera, clicked on the bird link and watched Pookie. Again, she woke up and looked around very excited.

    Immediately she checked the computer to see where this horrible noise maker was hidden. Nothing on the keyboard.

    She jumped down and looked at the bed. Then again she watched behind the computer and waved her tail around like a windmill.

    and up again, maybe behind ?

    Finally she looked up, hoping that her future victim would be there on the shelves ?

    But also behind the bed, there was nothing.

    Maybe behind the desk ?

    But then she realized that I had my camera and was observing her. Pookie is not stupid, she looked at me with very offended eyes which told me "you got me twice but now it's over".

    Then she turned around and tail up walked with dignity to join Arthur who were still sleeping. He as usual didn't bother about bird songs. Birds or mice were friends to him, he is a peace and love cat. He only gets very upset when the black neighbor cat comes in to check his bowl.

    And Pookie settled down for a little nap, after all these excitements.

    If you intend to open this link below, and your cat(s) is/are in the room, please make sure that no fragile objects are lying around. Protect your keyboard and .... take your camera ! You never know what will happen.

  • Tor's bird song

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    Luna und Luzie said...

    Hast du gesehen, ich habe mich eingetragen !
    Das ist ja niedlich , die Katze sucht den Vogel. Werde ich auch mal probieren, leider ist gerade keine in der Nähe.
    Anton ist doch nicht eingesperrt, er sitzt nur hinter dem Zaun.

    Anonymous said...

    What a funny sight! Yes, kitties love birds... the best toy ever!
    I am sure she was mad with you that you fooled her, but by now all is forgotten

    very nice pictures!!

    FelineFrisky said...

    LOL!!! Oh, the excitement at my house! Tucker had to investigate the computer. Punkin stood on the chair next to the desk.

    they loved the other kitties sounds last week at O'Kitty.

    D :)

    TorAa said...

    Hillarious. Guess I had a good laugh.
    Pookie got her instincts, ok.

    I tryed with the song of a canadian goose. Both cats shadowed away. They know the size of the birds, by only hearing the voice. May be you can wake up even Arthur with that song:)

    Thanks for all the references to my "Bird"-post.

    I did a different one this week. What cat fur do humans have?


    Andree said...

    Oh dear. My great hunters Buddy, Charlie and Zorro slept through the bird song! They really are in the depths of winter hibernation! Thank you for the link. I have another cat, Turnip, that behaves just like Pookie with a camera: he disappears!

    Have a great week! I really enjoyed your stories and photos. I got mine up early since I won't be around tomorrow because of my class!

    You can find it here!

    Obsidian Kitten said...

    oh how funny! but how mean you are to poor pookie! and then to take pictures of her torture and put them up for all the public to see!

    and arthur--to sleep through all the excitement. i guess he knew there really wasn't anything worth getting up for...lol

    marianne said...

    Poor Pookie - no bird for her! I'm sure she's forgiven you for trying to fool her and interfering with her necessary naps! lol :)

    Caylynn said...

    Too funny! Pookie clearly enjoyed the bird song and wondered where the birds were! Dragonheart also loves birds - when he sees birds in our yard, he starts vibrating, and makes this cute little sound!

    Pookie is definitely an intelligent cat! Great story and great photos. :)

    srp said...

    It has been cold and we put out food for the birds and all sorts have come to the window to eat. The chickadee is driving Mr. Rhett crazy as he is loud and Rhett is just on the other side of the window chirping and huffing and growling. The bird even sat on the window sill and looked right at him. Poor Rhett, such frustration.

    Meow (aka Connie) said...

    How cute !! Bambi is still outside playing ... I'll play the birdie sounds to her when she comes in later.
    Great post.
    Take care, Meow

    Puss-in-Boots said...

    Hahaha! What a lovely story, Gattina! I can remember fooling my lovely Shadow the same way. I had a CD of bird songs and when I played one of the local birds, he leapt up and eagerly looked around for the bird. I used to play it to get him going...it worked every time!

    Gattina said...

    HELEN !!!
    Please leave your link, the one I have is wrong, even in Mr. Linky !

    Thanks !

    Gattina said...

    HELEN !!!
    Please leave your link, the one I have is wrong, even in Mr. Linky !

    Thanks !

    DK & The Fluffies said...

    You should get lobster for that teasing...

    kuanyin333 said...

    Aloha All--my COT post is up...and I have a funny video of talking cats posted on it. Hey, I like that bird song---no wonder your cat would be listening...it's beautiful!