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I have a new cat ! He looks like Arthur, meows like Arthur, eats like Arthur, plays like Arthur, in short it's Arthur ! But there is a big difference. He, the prowler, the charmeur, the neighbors bed squatter, the assistant of all street workers, postmen, policement or whoever was in our street, he became a sofa potato, or more a bed potato ! He, who always was a little embarrassed when you kissed his head, or just allowed you to pet him, is now a very affectionated cat, always sitting on my feet, sleeping besides me in my bed and never stays alone in a room.

He doesn't go out at all, not even in the garden only when I come with him. So he sits at the window door, looks out then looks at me and when I open the door he waits until I am out and then only he would follow. I have to stay there in the cold teeth chattering and wait until he finishes his business and then like a flash he returns inside ! I have a dog now ! The only difference is, that he would still not come when I call and still not sit when I say "sit" and still climbs on the furniture.

During the weekend, Mr. Gattino worked a little in the garden. Slowly, slowly Arthur came out and looked what he was doing. The "old" Arthur showed up ! But it only lasted a few minutes and he returned to me, standing inside.

He checked if I were still there and then came in again.

He felt more sure inside and watched what happened outside.

But after a while he returned to his favourite place and kept company to Pookie.

Pookie too has changed a little. She doesn't hiss and chase him away when he is looking for her company and even allows him to sleep near to her. I think she feels that something is wrong with Arthur.

Now I have to get used to my new cat !

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One remark I have to do : I did a little homework and unfortunately I had to see that only Dragonheart/Caylinn, Cucaranas, FelineFrisky, Meo, and Salix tree have our Logo and the blogroll in the sidebar.

Patent Princess has apparently a wrong link and all the others have NOTHING !

Participants in other games have at least a little button (see below) and blogrolls in their sidebar, how can other members see if you play or not ? The big label is only for the top of the entry ! And this also I have stated last time only very few of you do it.

I also want to ask you to suscribe to FeedBlitz here on my Blog if you still will remain a member. This allows me to inform you about changements or whatever occurs. I think it is in the interest of everybody to respect these few rules, so that the game would work and expand. And please don't forget to comment on the other blogs !!

This week Dragonhaert/Caylinn is not playing, she is on holidays.

Thank you very much ! The blogroll is very small Mr. Luifcruiser had done it especially for us, although she has NO cats !

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Andree said...

Hi Gattina!
Wow, what a change in Arthur. I can't imagine what traumatized him so badly that he remembered it for so long. And I think I don't want to know. But he is physically fine. Your love will heal him emotionally.

I have chosen to use the small Cats Tuesday badge over my posts because it is more in keeping with the style I want my blog to be. The big graphic is in the side bar. The link to the blogroll is in the MEMES blogroll section on the sidebar. Both the badge and large jpeg link back to your "rules" page. Is that ok? I really enjoy this meme!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Poor Arthur - he obviously had a bad experience during his missing four days.

With regard to the logo, I'm not very computer literate, and haven't a clue how to decipher the hieroglyphics in the template, that's why I don't have the logo in my side bar. I've tried several times but it hasn't worked, so I might have to forgo Cats on Tuesday because of this.

Anonymous said...

Oh what happened to Arthur? At first I thought you meant you really had a new cat. Hope he feels to his old self again! Did he get a bath? He looks so clean and bright :) BTW, I've had the logo and blogroll up on my sidebar all along :) Happy Tuesday!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Wow, what an incredible change in Arthur ... it WOULD be like having a new cat. Hope whatever traumatised him hasn't changed him forever.
Take care, Meow

srp said...

I, too, like the smaller logo and will try to remember to put it on the top. I finally figured out the blog roll in the sidebar but Blogger gave me lots of trouble. It made me switch to the new format yesterday when I was in the middle of this post and has been a real headache.
I try to limit the stuff I put in the sidebar because the code is hard to tweak. And, Mr. Linky hasn't worked very well this week... usually after you enter the URL of your post a couple of times, he remembers it.... that didn't work at all on Saturday Photo Hunt.

Also I thought you might want to know that sometimes the link to your homepage that is given with your comment doesn't get us to this page.

I am so glad that Arthur is going to be fine and that he is much more affectionate... he is such a beautiful thing.

Jodi said...

Cats are funny creatures aren't they! Enjoy your "new" kitty.

I am working on the blog roll.. but when I try to join, it gives me "page not found error"

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina,

I'm sorry I don't have the blogroll up in the sidebar - I didn't realize it was ready but I will get it set up. What link would you like me to display? I can easily change it in my blog layout.

Very sweet post about Arthur. I love the picture of the cats on the bed!

I have a new cats on tuesday posted today now that I'm finally over being sick. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

OK, please tell me if I did this right:

I subscribed to FeedBlitz using the link you had in your sidebar.

I have a small cats on tuesday button in my sidebar (to match the style of my blog design) and it links to:


(This was the link I saw on FeliineFrisky's page so I assumed it was the one you wanted?)

Under my "Blogrolls" section I have posted a link called "Cats on Tuesday" which takes a reader to a page that has the cats on tuesday blogroll. I typically don't display actual blogrolls on my sidebar because I belong to several and they would take up a LOT of room.

And my cats on tuesday post has the picture of the cat on the toilet at the top.

I hope I got it right this time!

kuanyin333 said...

My COT posting is up! Please send me the code for the COT link, and I'll post it in my sidebar, ok?

What happened to your cat?! Was it so traumatized it doesn't want to leave home now?

I address Anela's weight in this post so you can understand her better.


TorAa said...

Arthur must have got some kind of a very bad experience while he was so long away. Maybe, after all, it will be the best for all of you he stays so close to his slaves and castle.

As allways,great pictures.


FelineFrisky said...

I am so glad that Arthur's adventures have softened him up a bit for you. I think Pookie realizes the change, too. I think he will come around to the outside again. He'll probably stay close to home from now on.

D :)

Rachelle said...

I am so glad Arthur has you to take care of him! He must have been badly scared to have it affect his behavior this much.
He might go back to his wandering ways, but he moght not.

We once had a Bassett Hound who followed her nose until she got too far away from home to find her way back and we would have to go look for her. She was soooo glad to see us and that we had come to rescue her! She would follow us around and not leave our sides for long after.

Hope you are all well! And give Mr. Gattino some hot tea for me!

Jana said...

How is Arthur's tummy? Did he get healed up OK? He surely must have been through a big trauma out there in the big world. He might come around, he might just be a dog now till he's an old man. What a difference, though I'm glad to know he will go outside with you or Mr. Gattino. If he doesn't go back to the old busy neighborhood watch cat, the kids will miss his visits, and I'll miss hearing about him stealing loafs of bread! Glad that Pookie is letting him be a little closer to her. Cats know when someone near them is needing extra attention. Does he still sleep under your computer desk in the cubhole?