Kim after all her troubles

Yesterday was a horror day for poor Kim ! Once again her belly was full of knots and under her skin too. These are the places where it's impossible to brush her. It usually has to be done once a year. So in the morning Mr. Gattino drove her to the Vet . The whole way long she was complaining loudly and when Mr. Gattino arrived finally, he had head like a pumpkin.

Our vet is a very nice, gentle lady who really loves animals and does her job not only for the money. Arthur loves her and even shy Kim has nothing to say against her. So everything was done for Kim, shaving, shots and teeth cleaning.

At 4 pm I picked her up and while I was waiting for her I took a picture of a poster of all cat breeds

When the lady called me in, I already had prepared my camera, ready to take a picture of my vet with Kim, but I forgot all about it when I saw poor Kim in her cage and meauwing with a heartbraking voice so softly that I melted, forgot camera, pictures, and blog payed, picked her up and went to the car.

As it was the way back and no danger for her to jump out of the car I let her out of her cage.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She immediately stopped her meauwing, climbed out and lay down behind my seat on the floor. When we arrived in the Garage, I got the impression that she didn't recognize where she was ! She got a little hysterical sniffed at everything and finally followed my calls and went upstairs with me to the kitchen.

This place apparently she recognized immediately because she went right to the food and when she had finished, she had been quite hungry, she settled down happily besides Mr. Gattino. Today fortunately everything is forgotten and she looks very nice and you can't see her bare belly.


Karen Jo said...

I'm sorry for all that Kim had to go through, but she must feel much better now that her tummy fur knots are all gone.

Caylynn said...

Poor Kim. :( Glad to hear that she wasn't traumatized by the experience and that she settled down comfortably. :)

Thanks for you comment, but Sphynx do need to be bathed regularly. Not all of them need weekly baths, some can go two or three weeks without them, but they do need to be bathed. If the oil on their skin is allowed to build up, it can block their pores and cause all kinds of skin troubles. Every Sphynx breeder I've ever spoken to has recommended regular baths for Sphynx, and most breeders discuss this fact on their websites, since a lot of people think Sphynx are easy to take care of since they have no fur.

On the contrary, they are very high-maintenance cats, needing regular baths, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nail clipping, claw cleaning, etc. Which is why all the reputable breeders are up-front about how much work it is! They want their kittens to go to homes where they are prepared to deal with all this work!

Even the Cat Fanciers' Association recommends regular baths for Sphynx, as does the Canadian Cat Association and the ASPCA.

Thanks for your concern, however. :) I'll take the advice of all the breeders and veterinarians I've spoken with and read about. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm glad Kim has forgiven you both. Oscar hates the car and yowls all the way to the vet's and home again, so I can sympathise with Mr Gattino!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Was it like Kim's day of going to the Spa? LOL I don't think she'd agree!!

FelineFrisky said...

Poor Kim!!! Tummy knots, how uncomfortable! Glad her Vet is gentle and takes good care not to scare her. D :)

Jana said...

Buddy is long haired and refuses to be brushed, so he goes for shaving to the vet - who gives him anesthesia and he wakes up shaved and ashamed. The cats at home laugh at him for a few days till they get used to their fat bald housemate. He of course huffs and snorts around, cuffing the other cats for laughing at him. If he would allow a brush it would maybe not be necessary to shame him with the crew cut...but oh well.
I enjoyed the note from the Sphynx owner. My mom used to breed, raise, and show Manx cats, so I have been around many luxurious breeds requiring tons of work to maintain. I'm happy I have 4 muts that only require a full food dish and a warm lap, except for Benjamin who requires a towelling when he comes in wet from outside!!