One morning while I was reading peacefully my mails, I suddenly heard Mr. Gattino shouting in italian. That, in itself, is nothing special, because when he opens his mouth he has a very loud voice. He could easily sing in an Opera (if he could sing) or elsewhere without a microphone.

But there was something special in his voice, so I went to the living room and found him standing there and looking at a huge CORDBONE. And then of course (everything strange in this house is always caused by me) asked me : "Wy did you put this bone here ?" I were quite surprised, as I never had seen this bone and usually don't bring bones home ! But before I could answer, Arthur arrived, jumped on the bone and started pulling, biting, scratching with his hind legs and looked like a mad wild cat with his ears flat. We looked at each other. Was this true ??

Apparently our Arthur had paid a visit to his big friend Yanouk

The bone without any doubt belonged to Yanouk. Arthur had carried this huge thing from the neighbour's garden into ours, had, I don't know how, got it through the catflap, and pulled it up the stairs in our living room ! That was really unbelivable. He must have worked for hours !

Arthur was very proud of his prey ! I picked up the bone and put it on the Sofa's back and Arthur jumped and layed down besides it. In this moment I took this picture !

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Anonymous said...

This is very cute. I hope Yanouk did not have to cry for very long to get his bone returned. haha
Arthur looks very pleased!

Jana said...

Hurray!! Arthur has left the house on his own and stollen something! He's on his way back I think!! Thanks for the great pics of him and his treasure!!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wow Arthur, I'm very impressed that you managed to drag that big bone into your house! I hope your humans were pleased with your hunting job. :)

FelineFrisky said...

Arthur ventured OUT??!! and what he found! LOL

That took a great deal of strength, Arthur is quite the man! D :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

that bone is huge! LOL

good work, Arthur! (poor Yanouk...but he's a dog, i'm certain he's long forgiven you. it sounds like he was very happy to see you, despite the theft of his prize!)