Arthur slowly gets back to his old self. Maybe because outside the sun is shining and it's also quite warm for the season.

Yesterday after a long nap besides the cat house, he woke up and saw Pookie who too "suffered" spring feelings and rolled on the carpet from one side to the other.

Suddenly Arthur saw her, got up, waggled with his posteriors and .... jumped on Pookie !

A terrible storm broke out ! Pookie got up like a flash, made a very angry face with flat ears, hissed and gave a nice paw slap on Arthurs ears, then stormed away. Arthur behind, over the chairs the sofa the table while we were sitting there like two statues asking ourselves what happened in this room. It was like a thunderstorm without lightening ! Both had disappeared.

And as usual, after a while, first Pookie came back and jumped on my knees probably to look for some comfort and then came Arthur in all his innocence, jumped on the heating and looked out of the window. He had done his work for the day.

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Luna und Luzie said...

Na, da ist ja was los bei euch. Dabei sieht auf den Fotos doch alles so friedlich aus.
Luna ist ihre Flöhe los, hatte hier noch ganz schön zu tun, mußte ja alle Lieblingsplätze saugen und einsprühen, bzw. waschen.
Du hast geschrieben, ich soll mich "erst" bei Mr.Linky eintragen. Ich dachte, das hätte ich (?)oder war es an der falschen Stelle ???

Karen Jo said...

It sounds like Arthur is feeling really frisky. I hope Pookie didn't mind it too much.