A few weeks ago I noticed while petting Lisa that her fur felt like straw. I didn't think anything special I just thought, poor thing she is getting old.

One day I saw our neighbor dog Yanouk and found his fur so bright and shiny and said this to my neighbor. She told me then, that she is buying "senior" food for Yanouk and that's probably why is fur is so nice.

A few days later, I noticed again that Lisa's fur was not nice at all and I thought, if it works for dogs then it should work for cats too and Mr. Gattino immediately ran over to the petshop and bought "Grandma" food for his beloved cat.

Next day when Lisa as usual bit in my nose to wake me up, I opened a "senior" cat food can and gave it to her. In one second the whole content of her bowl was gone. She apparently loved it.
And from that day on it's quite a circus show in my kitchen. First I feed Lisa with her senior food, then usually appears Arthur, with half closed eyes, he is not yet woken up, yawns and condescends slowly to approach his bowl and sniffs. But this morning I had changed his usual food too and when he smelt the difference, he too almost fell in his bowl.

Kim always waits quietly in a corner until everybody has eaten, she doesn't like to be with the others and prefers to eat alone.

and Pookie for the first time ate this food too ! She always just ate dry food and it was impossible to get her swallow something else.

And here you can see the result of my efforts to make their fur nice and shiny ! They all got hair !

Next bill will be for the hairdresser !


The Fluffy Tribe said...

ahahahahahahahha that is funny ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Wow! That is some strong stuff! LOL

Do you think it would work on bald men?


Ellen Whyte said...

Gorgeous cats! Scoop who lives with us (or should I say "who honours us with his presence" is 12 years old. I tried senior biscuits for him but he won't touch them. I'm boosting his health with boiled chicken liver and my vet who is into Aryuvedic medicine suggested extra garlic, folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin C. Scoop's coat is as soft as silk!

Love your blog and am adding it to my list of favorites.

TopChamp said...

Beautiful cats, Gattina, but I'm not sure the hair suits them. Just as well it's only temporary x

Haven't dropped by for a while as I've been web-less, sorry!

Sasha said...

Hello Gattina, I too eat seniors food, as I am ten and a half years old now. I have Hills Science Diet Hairball control dry cat food for seniors. Also I eat some special dry cat food for cleaning the teeth. Lynettea has to buy it at the Vet for me. Sometimes she gives me a few treats that are crispy outside with soft centres. I really like those, but I am only allowed to eat them sometimes. I have very shiny fur and can run very fast and could climb very high too (if I wasn't on a halter). I sometimes jump at the trees, but Lynettea doesn't like me doing it much.

Anonymous said...

Awww they are sooo cute!!! Especially Kim since I have thing for white cats! By the way, Hope you have a nice Sunday!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Hahaha... love the new hairstyle!

Michele said...

HA HA... Love the new hairdos! Great website... good pictures... I shall be back!

FelineFrisky said...

LOL!! Love the hairstyles!

It really is amazing how a food specifically for your cats age can make such a difference.

Ours get Iams Mutli-Cat dry. It has been a wonder for the younger two. Much more active. Bless really likes the taste and has shed a few pounds! Good for him, he was getting tubby!

I give our babies brushy several times a week to improve their coats. They love it!

D :)

Celeste said...

Sebastian refuses he senior food. Since the teeth are leaving his head, I have started givinghim some canned food. He eats some but not all of it. He does like his dry food. I changed their food to some for urinary tract health. It seems to be a bit softer for hard food and he eats it well.

TorAa said...

hahahahaha, Felicia just had a look, and scratched the screen and looked deep into my eyes: Don't you ever....

Great story and pics

Karen Jo said...

I love your cats' new hairdos. It's amazing what new food will do. Grin.