I have been tagged by Sharlene and her Spice Girls .That's the first time it happens to me , so I will try to answer on

Five Reasons Why I blog about my cats :

1. There is no reason at all. Last year in March I looked on Internet ( for the first time) for documentation about Egyptian cats. And after 2 months of surfing, I suddenly discovered the word "Blog", looked up what it meant and jumped into Blogworld.

2. But first I discovered cat forums and became member but it wasn't so nice.

3. Then during my surfing for Egyptian cat history I discovered quite a lot of Cat Blogs and Cat groups

4. I created a cat blog already under this title, but creation is a big word !

5. I wrote my stories and nobody read them. It never came to my mind that I had to comment or be a member of a group. When with "Writer Cramps" I got readers and learned how to blog, I "reopened" this blog again.

And I even had some day the idea to create CATS ON TUESDAY and this group is wonderful, all cat lovers who like to write about their cats even when they don't have a cat blog. The stories I can read now are just marvellous !

And these are my monsters whom you know

Arthur mostly with Pookie. He likes to sleep besides her

But sometimes he has two girls who keep him company


FelineFrisky said...

they are all wonderful!

Ours do not socialize much, barely tolerate each other, actuaslly. Only when napping is it allowed to be close to each other. sigh.....

No snuggly, cuddly, fun loving poses in our house! LOL D :)

Luna und Luzie said...

Good reasons to blog !!! And a very good idea to create "cats on tuesday"!I love it, too.
Gattina, ich freue mich ebenfalls über die "Katzen-dienstage"
Aber wie ich sehe, braucht ihr ein größeres Bett, es ist ja voll, wenn die ganzen Katzen drin liegen ;-)