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The dormitory

Since a few days my cats are all inside because we have such a stormy weather and it rains so that not even Kim goes out longer as she absolutely has to. Therefore the house looks like a dormitory and in each room a cat lays around and naps. I could also include Mr. Gattino, he joined the cats it was too contagious.

And as I have to write a story I remembered one of course with Arthur as the main actor, when he still conducted a very social life.

One morning I looked out of the window and saw Arthur crossing the street direction, my "the latest news" neighbor (the once who knows everything going on in the street) He greeted her by striking around her legs and allowed her generously to pet him. She had a conversation with him, but suddenly Arthur had seen something which draw his attention. The neighbor next door was putting out old furniture on the sideway. That was something for Arthur ! He ran over and immediately jumped on a little table standing there. Neighbor was surprised. Apparently they hadn't met yet. But as Arthur always welcomes newcomers, he jumped off the table and said hello.

I screemed through the window "It's my cat, his name is Arthur". The Neigbour nodded said hello and waved with his hand then returned into the house followed by Arthur of course. He came back with an old TV in his arms, while Arthur turned in and around his legs. The poor man nearly stumbled over the steps and hardly kept his balance. He ordered Arthur to go away. Arthur suffering from bad hearing, didn't listen and walked with the man until he put down the TV. Immediately Arthur jumped on it and sniffed it all around. Then he sat, watching what the neighbor would bring out next. A lamp with a string hanging down. Arthur thought what a kind man he brings me even toys on the sidewalk, jumped down and at the hanging string. The Neighbor stepped back and stumbled against the steps. He asked Arthur again to disappear, but Arthur wanted absolutely to help.

The third time he came out with a plush armchair, an awful thing. It must have been quite heavy as the poor man was completely red in his face. While he put it down, Arthur jumped happily on it and found that this was a real good napping place. The neighbor didn't agree. Finally I pittied him and went over and asked him if Arthur did disturb him. Silly question ! He sighed an said, he really is a cute cat, but could you lock him in until I finish this ? I looked at Arthur who meanwhile had settled down in the armchair and looked happily around. I told the neighbour, yes of course, tried to pick up the struggeling Arthur which was quite difficult and carried him over to our house.

He got really angry, tried to jump off my arms and I quickly put him down and closed the door. He looked at me scandalized went to the front of the closed door and said meauw, just once. Oh I thought, now what should I do ? He probably will sing all songs he knows and in all tone scales. And that's what he did, he just sat there, didn't move and meauwed with all his heart. I had to run to the bathroom and looked for earplugs....

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and then he gave it up and went for a nap.

This happened last year, but I think Arthur is getting better. Yesterday my friend who lives next house came over and spent a few hours with us. Arthur was pleased and settled down on her feet. It probably smelled very good, because she is the owner of dog Yanouk. When she left, Arthur came with us to the front door and when she left and said "Arthur, are you coming with me" He did it ! A wonder, after such a long time ! later she called me that he had walked her over til her door and then returned home because Yanouk was so happy to see his friend, that Arthur had to go behind the fence to protect himself of these hearty greetings. Maybe that was the start to get back to his old self.


Luna said...

What a nice story! Arthur is a little bit like our Frieda. The nap photos are like a mirror of our home, only with three cats.
In every corner a cat lays around.

TorAa said...

All the "Arthur" stories are so joyful. This one as well. Helping the neighbour, and the neignour need to help get rid of a cat - hehehe -

Nice to hear, he seems to become his old himself again.


meeyauw said...

Hi Gattina! That is the funniest story! I can see the neighbor and his reactions. And I certainly can visualize Arthur! Just jumping on that chair to sleep! What a cat! I know what you mean by your house being a dormitory: mine is the same way with all this snow. I now think there is such a thing as too much quality time with your cats! It's so great to hear that Arthur may be ready to go back out again! Have a great week!

FelineFrisky said...

What a great story! Arthur sure is a charming character!

He went out again??!! Wonderful. Baby steps, a little at a time. He apparently feels safe enough to go that far.

Mine will be up shortly. D :)

Angelo and Nermal said...

I get sleepy when I look at the pics of all the sleeping kitties!

What a helpful cat you are Arthur! Too bad you got locked up, sounds like the neighbour was setting up a new living room set for you to sleep on :) Oh well, it's okay, it's much warmer and drier inside :) Happy Tuesday!

Dragonheart said...

Oh Arthur, didn't the neighbour know you were just trying to help! It was nice of him to bring some toys outside for you to play with, but then not very nice for you to get locked inside.

You are very brave to venture outside, even to see a nice woofie like Yanouk! I'm an indoor-only cat (except when I go out surpervised on my harness) so I think you outdoor cats are very brave!

srp said...

Poor Arthur, he was just trying to help. Sorry it has been stormy, but it is always nicer inside... there are so many soft places to sleep. We all love to be inside best.. in fact, we only go out if Mom is watching us. Too many cars out there.

Miss Willow

Puss-in-Boots said...


Arthur is a cat with personality plus! I love the stories about him and find myself laughing out loud as I read. I'd love to meet him, I reckon we'd get on well!

Debbie said...

I just love your stories about Arthur. He is such a cat! And how lucky that the neighborhood all adore him. At least it is lucky for Arthur!!

Deana said...

I enjoy Arthur's tales. He seems to be a very charismatic cat! I love the picture at the top under the sweater and covers, that is too funny.

Suzanne R said...

I love your Arthur story! You know how to get into the soul of your cat. :-) Very cute pictures of him, too.

mar said...

He's got the cutest stories!!! love seeing him nap :)

Luna said...

What a great story!
For you!!


Obsidian Kitten said...

Oh Arthur! Your mamma locked you in, and just when the neighbor was so kindly putting out such wonderful things for you! What a cruel mamma you have. I don't blame you one bit for singing all the songs you know at her, that mean and awful mamma!

It's nice that you felt up to going back outside. I'm sure your friend Yanouk was beside himself with excitement to see you. I can imagine it was more than one cat could bear! (Dogs do get so very excited, after all, and forget their manners sometimes in their enthusiasm.)

Kuanyin said...

You write the funniest cat stories...I love to read them! My COT is now up! BYW, I tried to leave a comment on your photo last Wednesday, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to work. I hope you have it fixed tomorrow...if not, maybe the problem lies with me. :-) Blessings!


Arthur is such a good and thoughtful kittyboy, even when he is sleeping he is thinking of ways to be even more helpful and lovable :-)