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Tomorrow I will leave for a roundtrip to Turkey. My suitcase is open and ready for a cat to sit in. At least that's what had always happened when I went on holidays. But this time not at all.

Of course when I started putting things in they came and checked, but as soon as I took my camera they all ran away ! Nothing to do. Even my sweet voice invitation to pleeaase sit in the suitcase for a picture was not heard at all. Pookie seemed already offended she surely smelled that she wouldn't see me for a while. Because today she didn't sleep at all on her usual place besides my computer. She installed herself in the guest room on the sofa there and I could call and call she didn't move ! She has never used this sofa before and had never slept in the guest room either !

Pookie on her way to the guest room

Arthur suddenly discovered that he absolutely wanted to play with me. Maybe with the intention to make me regret my holidays. He finally had dared to go inside this funny tube I had bought for them all and which sits there since 3 days without any reaction from the cats part. Lisa had sniffed at it a little and then walked away, Pookie too. Kim of course looked at that strange thing from very far ! You never know. But Arthur now went in and even had a little nap.

Here he shows me that I would regret not to see his clowneries for a while.

Next tuesday I am in Istambul and I don't know if I could publish or even find a cat story. So we will "see" each other in two weeks.

For CATS ON TUESDAY Dragonheart is so kind to host you next tuesday. So please start your rounds there.


Suzanne R said...

Aw, I will miss you while you're gone!

Arthur is so cute in the cat tube. Isn't it amazing how kitties can sense that something different is going on, so they alter their own behavior accordingly? At least, that's how Pookie seemed to me here.

Have a wonderful trip!

FelineFrisky said...

Enjoy your holiday! Pictures! Bring back a story of a Turkish cat you saw!

Happy travels! See you when you return.

D :)

Anonymous said...

I will miss your stories! Have a wonderful trip and I wish you safety, comfort and lots of fun. I am working on my Cats for Tuesday now...still trying to get the blog roll. When you return you will have to come see my newest family member. Saturday I rescued a sweetheart of a cat from being put down by the animal shelter. Tomorrow was her day....she is 5 years old and a Calico Manx and she has all her vet records. We are trying to figure out why a NY cat ended up here and why they gave her up as unwanted. She is the best girl! She gives me little hugs!

Andree said...

Have a safe trip, Gattina! I will be thinking of you. I know you will have lots of stories, adventures, and photographs when you return!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Have a safe trip!

Obsidian Kitten said...

arthur has such a terrific sense of humor! do you suppose he is in a "BlogRoll"? rotfl

have a lovely holiday, i'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I, like, listed myself twice; something's wrong with the lady's comment thingie and I couldn't get it to work.

Wow, Gattina just comes right out and ADMITS she is going to leave her cats and go on vacation. We all are afraid the lady who lives with us is going off because she is acting all weird and stuff, and I can guarantee you that this is ONE cat who will be punishing her for WEEKS if she does.


Dorothy said...

I will miss you and know you will have a good time. I'm sure your babies will be happy for your return. I'm going to post about Preylor, my white cat that died, for tomorrow, becuase Arthur reminds me of him everytime I read your blog. You'll just have to read it when you get back.
Have a Happy Time!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

We will definately miss you while you are gone. I cant wait for more news on Rosel. She is so cute!

TopChamp said...

ooh! have fun. Arthur looks like he's having fun already!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Arthur, your new tunnel looks great! My mom thinks you look very handsome sitting in it.

I like to sit in the suitcases too. I don't like it when they come out, however, since it means my humans will be going away.

I hope your humans have a good trip!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy travelling, but I shall miss stories of Arthur and his sisters. Please don't forget to come back!



Luna und Luzie said...

We wish you "happy holydays" and we miss you and your storys!

Unser Urlaub ist leider noch eine ganze Weile hin, seufz ;-)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh, have a fabulous trip, enjoy every minute of it. You will be missed in blogland, but we look forward to stories and photos when you return.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful trip! I will wait her pics.

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Irishcoda said...

Hey, have a wonderful time on your vacation! We'll miss you, bring back lots of pictures to post!!! :)

srp said...

Have a wonderful vacation! You could be the roving reporter like those getting the "man on the street" interviews.... except yours could be pictures and stories of "cats on the street." Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time Gattina! It sounds like a wonderful holiday. Isn't it funny how cats know when we are leaving on a trip?

kuanyin333 said...

Have a fun trip!!!!

TorAa said...

The cats allways knows when their twolegs will be away for a while. And they show it too.