My cats try to meow in all languages, at least that's my opinion ! Because when they start it could be

Danish: mjav
Dutch: miauw
English: meow

Arthur learns Oxford English meowing also in writing. He felt asleep.

Finnish: miau, kurnau (must sound like Arthur : kuuurrrnaaauuu)
French: miaou
German: miau
Greek: niaou (Greek cats don't know "m"s)
Hebrew: miyau

Pookie is exhausted from Spanish - French

Italian: miao
Japanese: nyaa (japanese cats never agree !)
Korean: (n)ya-ong (I have to ask Arthur to pronounce that for me, he is meowing specialist)
Norwegian: mjau
Polish: miau
Lisa tries dutch
Russian: myau
Slovene: mijau
Spanish (Spain, Argentina): miau
Swedish: mjau
and Kim put her Thai - Turkish away.

Thai: meow meow (with high tone)
Turkish: miyauv, miyauv
Ukrainian: myau
Vietnamese: meo-meo

Please try to pronounce these international meows correctly !

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Aloysius said...

Hi! I tagged you for the "7 things about me meme." Hope you can come out and play.


GARGOLAS said...

SOn unos gatos muy instruidos.

Saludos felinos!

Paula said...

Oh My goodness that was such a fun post!
I had to pull out several dictionaries to pronounce some of the languages.
Then I listened to each of my kitties.
My giant black kitty named Alex must be speaking in Polish as he says 'miau'
I knew that one right away.
I am not quite sure what language my Zoe and Zander rag doll Siamese kitties are speaking because they sound just like a baby crying.
But my little Wikipedia kitty is definitely speaking Thai! :)
Thank you again for that post it was so much fun and I will visit it again for reference.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, I was verbalising all those different languages and Oscar heard me. He must have understood them all, because he came over, meowed at me, jumped onto my lap and started purring very loudly.

Unknown said...

Miau,miau= Spain
Ñau-Ñau= Chili mom´s country.
thank you to share that information.
Cat: gato

●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ●๋: Luna Spain ●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´ ●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋:

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Arthur been tagged with another meme, "7 random facts about me". Check out my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

Indonesian: "Meong".

Anonymous said...

Bonjour/hoe gaat het met je?/hi!

I came across your little picture in Melloncutter's comments ... your name seems somehow familiar but I don't think we have exchanged messages before ..? You seem a fascinating person. I'm a big fan of your part of the world. I even started learning Dutch once to move to Holland/Belgium somewhere ...

ANYWAY! what you were saying about cats ... someone once told me and this rings true.. that cats only meeeoww to talk to humans. Naturally they do not meeow to one another. And their meeow is a cat's attempt to mimic human speech! How weird is that!! I've got 2 friends who have Burmese "blue" cats and they're VERY vocal. They cry like babies. And generally prefer being spoken to to being petted!! Well Lyla-Wyla always did ...

OK well it's been nice speaking to you Gattina. You're welcome to drop by mine: gledwood2.blogspot. I've also got 2 video blogs recently opened. One musical, one comedy. And I "hold court" on my Gabbly personal chatroom on my blog (if you drop by you'll see what I mean, you cannot miss it) ...

OK take care

Gleds ...

ps you don't happen to know Mousie (from France) or Ruth (from UK) do you? Your name IS very familiar sounding I am sure we have at least one mutual friend ...