Yesterday I took my camera and went to visit little Rosel for the first time.

We decided to call her Rosel (at least for the moment) because this name suits her quite well and follows our family rules, name the cat after a great aunt or uncle and Rosel was my grandma's sister.

But I thank all of you very much for the name suggestions !

Greta, Hazel, Vivianne, Dolce, Cookie, Oreo, Queency, Victoria/Vicky, Angela, Sandy, Isabel, Dora, DW, Netta/Netty, Lola, and Lyla. We really had the choice !

Vivian (Vivianne in French) was not possible because that's my neighbors name and I can't ask her to please come down from a tree or not to dig holes in my garden. The same for Isabel, because that's the name of her daughter !

We then thought the name shouldn't end with a "ah" or a "e" because we already have Lisa and Pookie and they could get mixed up with "Roseee" or "Lolaaa".

Little Rosel was born here in this house, which contained stables before and had been transformed into a beautiful home. I was greated by the master of the house, dog Arhius who is the same breed as our neigbor dog Yanouk ! So little Rosel will find the same kind of dog here in our home.

Rosel's home

and here with Mum !

She tries to get her own ways !

Isn't she beautiful ??

There were 10 kittens from two mothers. They had their own cat room (former guest room) and both mothers had chosen to keep their little family in the two wardrobes standing there. Each mother with her little babies in one wardrobe.
A double bed matrass layed on the floor and served as excersise place !

Rosel and her siblings ! 5 in total

Cat mum 2 and dog Arhius are drinking water out of the same bowl

Rosel's mother (with black) and her sister who also had 5 kittens. They all were born with one week interval. Apparently Rosel's mother had chosen the dogs basket for giving birth to her five !

and when I came home I found "this" on my bed ! A fainted Arthur who probably guessed already what is to be expected ! His 7th sense told him so !


Dorothy said...

I love the name Rosel. The mother is beautiful, and so are her siblings. She is so precious. It will be fun to watch her grow up with you. Wow! Arthur is going to have his paws full! Good Luck Arthur!

MaR said...

Rosel is a very pretty name for such a sweet little thing!! Ich würde sie auf der Stelle klauen!!!

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh, jetzt komme ich zu spät...du hast schon einen Namen :-)

Wie süß und die Mama sieht aus wie unsere Luzie. Das erinnert mich an Luzies Babies.

Da habt ihr ein hübsches Kätzchen ausgesucht.
"Herzlichen Glückwunsch" und viel viel Freude mit der kleinen Rosel :-)

Anonymous said...

Quelle petite merveille! C'est vraiment craquant! ça me rappelle la naissance de mes trois chats! La chatte avait mis bas dans le carton installé par ma fille Mélissa dans sa chambre! Mystic vivait dans sa chambre et dormait dans le lit de barbie!
Rosel c'est bien joli et très doux!
Chacun devra trouver de nouveaux repères! Mais un chaton c'est beaucoup d'amour et d'animation!

Anonymous said...

That Arthur cracks me up. He is a cat after my own heart with all that personality. I actually put a similiar picture of Calista on her back up for today!

Rosel is a great name. I like the idea of it being in the family and no I wouldn't use a neighbor or friend's name either. It offended me once when a good friend of mine named her new puppy Isabelle. That is my neice and I talked about her all the time so that seemed a bit close. Had she had the dog before Izzy was born sure....A cat I would have been more understanding, but a dog?

Anonymous said...

PS- I was chattering so I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the kitten pictures. The mother is absolutely gorgeous and so is Rosel!

Anonymous said...

Good... My house is very beautiful.. It xas unexpected that my house and my pets were on the web... Arhius is a perfect dog... In the house, he is the king... and he is a great brother for cats! Good luck with Litle Rosel.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful little kitten and Rosel is a lovely name for her. I think Oscar will fall in love!

As for Arthur, showing off his bits and pieces like that, not very elegant, Arthur!

Anonymous said...

Arthur is blissfully ignorant!! He is in for a shock!

FelineFrisky said...

Rosel is perfect! Arthur won't know what to think! How soon does Rosel come home with you? What will the girls think? I imagine a bit of chaos for a few days. Hopefully not.

Can't wait to hear more stories with Arthur & Rosel!!!

D :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Gattina - Just checking in on my peace bloggers tonight. What a cute pie kitty.

Thanks for flying the globe and spreading the groovy peace word.


Forty Paws said...

Oh congratulations on your future adoption of Rosel!! She is a cutie pie and will be such an unexpected surprise for Arthur!

Luf, Us

Vlado&Toni said...

those kittens are so beautiful.. would have love to have an orange one :) i find the name rosel really nice..good choice

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, rosel is lovely! as is her mother. what a lot of kittens the two moms have! so good that you can take one of them and give her a wonderful home.

i do so love to watch kittens growing up! i bet arthur will be very happy to teach her all about her new home, all the neighbors, and everything there is to know about, well, everything...lol