Arthur and his companions don't know yet what will happen to them ! I am pleased to present you ????? No Name !

After a long (not long at all) discussion between the family members i.e. Mr. Gattino and myself we decided to adopt another little cat. We found out that Arthur with the time gets frustrated because his female companions don't want to play with him anymore. Lisa with her 16 years still plays but not with him, she prefers us. Pookie, yes from time to time would allow him to run after her, but then she would suddenly stop, turn around and give him a hiss and a slap in his oh so surprised face. Not to talk about Kim who doesn't even know what playing is.

Now to avoid that poor Arthur will become an old grandpa before time, we decided to provide him with a playmate ! And for the first time in our life, we choose Internet to find the appropriate partner ! (like some humans do).

First we wanted to go to our usual animal shelter but it brakes our heart to see all these unhappy animals ! Coward as I am I choose the easier way : Internet. I put one advertising :

Want to adopt female kitten, black and white for companion to my cat Arthur (spayed)

The latter is very important to mention otherwise people think I want to have a birth machine for kittens. Already the first reply was a hit ! A very young couple and very surprised by the fact that their darling cat had become mother of 5 (!) babies ! answered. 3 were already "booked" and from the remaining two I choose (on picture only) this little thing above. A black and white girl.

And today I will drive about 20 km to have a look at our futur family member ! (Report will follow of course)

But now the big question ! What name to give ??? Please help us, otherwise there will be a divorce for disagreement ! We thought about ROSIE. Do you have a better idea ?? All suggestions are heartly welcome !

Poor (or happy ?) Arthur doesn't know yet what is expecting him ! From mid June on it's finished with naps and lazy times !

My friends now look at me with admiration ! I am the first one who adopted via Internet ! Nobody can reproach me that I don't go with the time !


Vlado&Toni said...

what a sweet little kitty :) sorry arthur those nap times are now stories from the past. a friedn of mine adopted such kittens,two of them because she lost her two old cats (16 years of age) and she just can't believe how much energy the young ones have. i am sure to stay tuned for the stories..
regarding the names i really don't have exactly one at the moment except mrs. robinson :) would be a nice, weird name for a cat. that's a bit long though.. will see maybe i have other ideas later

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Aawww....the kitten is so cute! I can't wait for more photos! Congrats on the 5th member of your cat family!

As for a name.....MmmmmMmmm..... Angel? Panda? Coffee? Chocolate? Maybe even Sesame? Hehe...

Dorothy said...

Aaaawww. She's so little. For starters, how about Greta? Greta Gattina.

snowforest said...

sweet kitten. come visit my new blog about cats at:
added ur link there. check it out!
would appreciate if u reciprocate :)

MaR said...

You are very modern, indeed!! it's such a sweet little one, she deserves a sweet name. Rosie sounds wonderful to me, but it has to please you two (and the kitty, of course!!)
I don't know how old Arthur is, but I am sure he will be spoiled in his harem...!once the little one starts, the others will follow :)

TopChamp said...

AAH - she's beautiful! I'll have a wee think... will be back later!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my one more sweetie, she is adorable :-D

I'll say that King Arthur need a real Lady, so since there was one, Vivien - often called Lady of the Lake - I suggest Lady Vivien or just Vivi for short.

The Lady of the Lake is a figure or several figures in Arthurian legend. A woman by this title, with magical powers:

1. raises Lancelot after his father's death
2. gives King Arthur his sword Excalibur and takes it back at his death
3. learns magic from Merlin and then enchants him.
4. bears him with other queens to Avalon

She may be a Celtic lake divinity in origin.

Vivien is best known as the woman who enchanted and sealed Merlin in a cave or a tree or a glass tower and imprisoned him forever.

I'm sure she will enchant Arthur - and you - and all of us :-D

Andree said...

I love black & white cats! In fact, I always have named my b&w females Hazel for some reason. I think it is because of a witch on Bugs Bunny cartoons named Witch Hazel (a medicinal plant that grows wild here). Rosie is a great name too. My daughters have had a cat Rosie and a dog Rosie. Of course, there are the folks who say you can't name an animal until you know them and the name will present itself to you. It's a tough decision!

When do you bring her home?

TorAa said...

You are soo modern and up to the latest - think about it: using Internet to adopt a kitten (we have something called dyrenett.no oder tiernet.de as it would be in Germany - last time we had kitten: 23 persons applied for one)

Well, you have adopted a Princess, who later wil become Queen - Queency.
Or Victoria - Vickie. Or simply Ingrids daughter - Ingchen.LoL.

Have a happy namehunt;))

PS. Still without internt at summerhouse

FelineFrisky said...

Oh! Congratulations! How wonderful! She is a beauty!

I like the Greta suggestion and Vivian. I am a simple Mommy, so I would choose Oreo, as in the cookie. Cookie is even a good name, as she's such a sweetie!

I usually wait a bit to see what the kitty is like before I name them. There may be a trait she has that suits as a name.

Much luck to you - can't wait for the updates!

D :)

MaR said...

Okay, after an intensive stormbraining , 2 coffees and a chat with the ladies, I still think she is a sweetie and should be named like that: Dolce! that's my best Italian :)

Vlado&Toni said...

hey i have another idea what about Sandy? The color is really black and white and a bit of gray in it, which is sort of like sand.. but sandy is short name for Sandra so it is still a female name. Otherwise I like Greta too which dorothy suggests or Isabel.. that sounds really female too. wow, this name hunting is really getting exciting. wonder what this little angel will have..

Anonymous said...

last one --what about angela? like Angela die Kanzlerin :)

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

What a sweet little girl.

Ari said...

She's so beautyful...

Name: Crispy ^_^

Spock said...

Saw you at Mars, my name am Oreo & it has been a furry gud name to me, can't go rong wiff Oreo!! :)

Melli said...

Well... I thought I knew her name before I even saw her -- it would be Gattinette, of course! But that is too much of a mouthful... so maybe shortened to Netta or Netty....

... but, of course, I DO like the name Rosie too!

Of course, if you go by the children's stories of Arthur and his little sister, D.W. - D.W. stands for Dora Winifred! Sooooo she COULD be Dora... or D.W.

Ahhhhh naming babies is sO much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien Rosie ou peut être Lola ou Lyla, c'est frais aussi!
Quelle belle aventure l'adoption d'une petite chatte sur internet; et j'ai hâte de connaître la réaction des autres. J'ai hâte de tout savoir sur votre première soirée!!

Urgent Pets said...

Please, please for the love of cat brave the animal shelter next time. My husband and I adopted both our kitties there and never looked back. Plus you don't want to support people who don't fix their pets...not to mention give love to homeless kitty :)