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and thank you to participate to our get together where we just meet each other and write about our cats. That's a good subject, at least for me, because there is always something to tell ! Of course blogging cats are also very welcome they can empty their heart here and complain about their humans.

Here are my four cats for those who don't know them yet.

Lisa 16 year old, bullheaded and a nerve saw Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She makes it to her target to always sleep in a place where she disturbes everybody. And she only gets up when she is hungry, that means each time when somebody puts a footnail in the kitchen.

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Pookie, 8 years, is a very clever and intelligent cat. She rules the whole household and is very tender and could be petted the whole day without interruption.

Fortunately she is spayed otherwise she would have filled a whole orphanage with cat babies. She considers me as her personal belonging and is tied to my leg by an unvisible string.

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Kim 7 years, is a very timid and shy cat. And unfortunately she confirms what humans have too, beauty doesn't always go along with intelligence. Kim loves all cats but is very distrustful against humans. It took us more than 3 years to get her close to us to be brushed and petted. She depends very much on Pookie, who had taken care of her when she was a baby.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Arthur 5 years is the only male in this harem. He is a very funny cat, there is no other description.

He puts himself in the strangest situations and causes always a lot of laughter. He loves all humans and even dogs, but ignores cats and hates male cats.

Therefore sometimes he comes home with a scratch on his nose and last week even with a small hole in his tail.

When Arthur sleeps he sleeps and no earthquake, Tsunami or the well hated vacuum cleaner can wake him up. You can move him around or put a hat on his head, he sleeps.

Everybody in the neighbourhood knows Arthur as he likes very much to sleep in other beds and doesn't feel embarrassed at all to settle down in a freshly made neighbour bed just to check if the laundry is really clean !

I still have the blog where I wrote about Arthur and if you wish you can read his adventures

  • here

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    A little cat orchestra to welcome you ! Please put your ear plugs on !


    Rosie & Cheeto said...

    With the eggseptshun of Lisa yer kitties luk like thay luv lying on thare backs. Its soooo cute and take it frum eggsperience, it means we luv and trust owr peeple!! (we know lisa does too, she's probablie just to bullheaded to admit it).

    MaR said...

    Nice to see all your cats in one post just to get things straight!
    I already mentioned I don't have a cat but I love feline stories :)
    Happy Cats on Tuesday!!

    Meow (aka Connie) said...

    Great post. I'm afraid I'm going to have to be a spoil-sport this week, as I haven't a chance to post my Cats On Tuesday !! Hopefully, I'll be back on track next week.
    Take care, Meow

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for introducing us to your cats. :) Lisa looks lovely sprawled in front of the computer! Dragonheart has already acquired a taste for the computer, and seems to enjoy sitting on the laptop!

    The little fellow is sleeping right now, so I was able to write my "Cats on Tuesday" post. :) Come on by, and ask any questions you might have about Sphynx. :)

    OldLady Of The Hills said...

    Mine is up Gattina....
    Your cats are delightful! I loved your description..'tied to me by an invisible string'....LOL! That is like Sweetie, my wonderful kitty....!
    I have to correct the name on mine...and I don't hsve the second part of the logo...Maybe it would be good to put them together...The name and the picture---for those of us who are technically challenged...(lol)

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Gattina - I just thought of something. :) If you haven't already, head on over to "The Daily Meme" and let them know about "Cats on Tuesday". I'm not sure if they'll post a cat-specific meme, but it doesn't hurt to try. :)

    The Daily Meme

    OldLady Of The Hills said...

    I came back to tell you that Sweetie is 7 years old, plus ywo months....!

    Jodi said...

    Love the descriptions of your kities! I look forward to reading more about your kitties in the coming Tuesdays! You tiger kitty is alot like mine. And rule the house they do!

    Thanks for starting up the cat meme! Have a great Tuesday!

    Anonymous said...

    I just put a picture up today! I will be better prepared next week! On my journal blog Fruit Of The Spirit I have a page devoted to my cats.

    Gattina your cats are all very beautiful and I love reading your stories about them! You also take some really interesting pictures that are fun to look at.

    I am off to see other kitties! Have a wonderful day!

    Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

    Love the pic of Lisa on your computer desk! She looks so comfy!
    Did you noticed the other 3 of your cats are all lying on thier backs in your post? It's an unusual pose for my cats, rare to catch them lying like this.
    Well, my first "Cats on Tuesday" post is up! Maybe this will encourage me to do more kitty posts!

    Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

    My goodness, you be a fast reader! I just took me an hour's break, and you've already come to visit!
    I was just setting up the logo, when something came up, I was only gone an hour!
    On there now!

    Anonymous said...

    Can I join if I AM a cat?

    Jana said...

    We thought about booting (or is it shooting?) that daughter of mine for not figuring out how to get in and feed the cats, or at least go to the store and buy some food and feed them on the porch!! Some blondes huh??? My fault for not figuring out of the key worked or not.
    As for Cat Tuesday, my dial-up is oohh so very slow, and I have no digital camera for pictures, so I will lurk and write witty comments, but can't participate further, and my selfish husband thinks I spend enough time on the computer and refuses to pay for DSL line. So I will do what I can when I can, I love the pictures and funny comments, happy to be here!!

    Anonymous said...

    Gattina, to answer your question about Foto Pherrets, often the word isn't posted until Wednesday afternoon, European time (Wednesday morning for most of North America).

    Chey, I'm pretty sure you can take part. You're a very well-written cat. :)

    srp said...

    Mine is up but I too, haven't quite figured Mr. Linky out.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, just popped over from Naomi's to visit your kitties and just wanted to say that your babies are just delightful! I enjoyed meeting them today! We have 3. Our barn kitty Dale who is 11 and was my husbands outdoor kitty way before he met me. I have 2 spoiled rotten kitties Darius, my big boy boss, and Calista, my beautiful but a bit ditzy kitty. She prefers laying all over my husband to spending time with me! I think she likes men!
    I recently did a photo shoot of the two of them and had it up on my blog.

    kuanyin333 said...

    Aloha....mahalo for the invitation to participate in Cats on Tuesday. Anela (Angel in Hawaiian) has been feeling a bit left out of my blogs, so this is a perfect opportunity to include her. Now I will go write up a post about her! Blessings...Kuanyin

    Anonymous said...

    hello - sorry my comment is late but Tuesday is my Brownie night so I was in late... and very tired.

    Your cats look so relaxed! Wouldn't it be great if we could just plonk down anywhere we fancy, stretch out and have a nap if we're sleepy!?

    Irish Church Lady :) said...

    OK Gattina. I will come back and read more and hopefully participate with my kitties once I get my blog life under control if you know what I mean which is why I did the Monkey Survey.

    You are going to get the reputation as the CAT lady in the blogworld if you don't have it already! hee hee

    {hugs} and toodles~

    Anonymous said...

    Somedays I hate Blogger! I have to write this all again.

    Sorry for being a day late but it's the best I can do. I am very busy until late in Dec. but will have longer posts then. For now.....


    Unknown said...

    We just stopped in to meet all of you and to say "hi". Will stop by again to see what happens on Tuesdays! -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

    TorAa said...

    Seems you have 4 personalities. That's what's so wonderful and interesting with cats. I read somewhere that cats can understand up to 700 human words. How many Cat "words" does humans understand?
    PS. I'm on my way to Copenhagen - without my cats - uh-uh