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When you look at these pictures, don't fall asleep put this is now the way my cats spend the days, as it is November and cold, misty and rainy outside.

Arthur has found a new sleeping position and sometimes he interupts his hard sleeping work by glancing at us just to see how we look upside down.

Pookie apparently likes the smell of her tail and also does her 24 h

Lisa gets up each time somebody puts feet in the kitchen because she is always hungry or just feels obliged to check if she is served.

From Kim it's impossible to take a picture when she is sleeping, as soon as somebody is approaching she gets up.

So what are the news about these little sleeping group ?

Arthur changed the postman, actually he had to because our postman disappeared and was replaced by a postwoman. He couldn't believe it as now he had to get used to a Motorcycle. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo when she stopped to put mail in our mailbox he approached walked around and decided that it's not so dangerous because the next day when she arrived he ran behind the motorcycle and escorted her from mailbox to mailbox. I hope I will be able to take a picture of this curious couple.

He also found that the neighbours garden should be cleaned and took off a little witch on a broom hanging on a tree and dropped it on the grass. And that had been the whole Haloween outside decoration in our street. Besides that he is quite unhappy, with this bad weather nobody is on the street or in the garden anymore and therefore he feels lonely. He so much loves human company ! (more about Arthur here)

Yesterday Pookie became very curious because we had a 2 month old Babygirl laying in his bed on the floor and Pookie was very interested in the little hands wiggeling and intrigated was turning around her and smelled at them. We don't know what then happened, because she suddenly ran around and jumped and made a mess with the carpet. Maybe she got motherly feelings and was just happy.

Camille, little baby girl
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Lisa founds her momentarily pleasure by waking me up around 3 am, by biting in my hand or arm or whatever is hanging out from under the cover, it's just a little bite, but strong enough to wake you up ! Or she purrs in your ear and so loud that even one who is half dead would wake up. Lisa has this special purr-curr sound, a mixture between cat purring and pigeon curring. And when you don't get up in the following second she just walks over you and starts all over again. I have tried everything but renounced, the best way for tranquility is to get up, sleep-walk in the kitchen, put some food in the bowl and return to bed !Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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And Kim, despite the awful weather prefers to go out and sleep somewhere and only comes back for her stomac and for the night. There she prefers to stay inside.

Sometimes I think if ever there is a second life I would like to be a cat but in my home !

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Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I just love your blog!!
That picture a little ways down, of the cats sunbathing, it's hilarious!!
Love the way Arthur is sleeping.
My Molly, is just like your Lisa, not only in looks, but she too checks her food bowl everytime someone walks into the kitchen. You asked me how old Molly is, she's 19 now, and loves her comfort.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. :) Too funny that Arthur is following the postlady around! :) Our postlady rides a bicycle with those huge baskets carrying all the mail - very different from postal delivery back in Canada!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Arthur's guarding the mousies! Hey, you asked about caps for cats over at Lone Star Purrs. They're called Soft Claws and they cover a cat's claws so when it scratches, it doesn't hurt anything. Mom's not doin that to me an Bonnie's declawed in front.
Happy Peace Day!

Jana said...

How about a feeder so you don't have to get up and put food in the dish? Love the pics of your group, they are so lucky to have you to open their cat food and get up and their beck and call. I get such a laugh from Arthur, he's the guy with the purrrsonality. I'll have to find a way to get some pictures of Benjamin on here, but he's so dark that all you'd see is an ink spot with green eyes. He lays on his tummy with front feet stretched in front and back feet stretched behind him, looks like he's flying only he's not moving. Thanks for the laugh and the fun stories, I sure enjoy your blogs!