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(attention :some of the following pictures maybe not suited for delicate eyes)
Cats usually have a very good appetite, but they also can be very difficult, especially when they have the choice. And a cat learns very quickly. If she sniffles at the food and doesn't eat it immediately and you hurry to open another can, then of course next time it will be exactly the same. And who of our cat lovers can resist to a poor little cat who is starving for .... another can.

But they also have strange tastes :

I have been told that cats are eating :

Gorgonzola (italian cheese) with chocolate !
green beans
cauwly flowers
tomatoes (cooked)
sandwiches, stuffed and unstuffed
eggs and omlets
pop corn
ice cream

and so on.

Milk, whipped cream and babyfood sounds already better.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

From my four cats Lisa and Arthur only eat can food or see above.
Pookie and Kim only dry food and nothing else not even chicken or beaf ! And they are always offered the same as the others, but no way, they just turn around and walk
proudly away to their bowls filled with dry food.

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Lisa doesn't like it, and couldn't eat either because she only has 5 teeth left. Arthur as he eats everything possible has a look on the dry food bowls and would try it.

Yes cats as humans do have their favorites in food.

And they also like grass. Grass is very important to them, as it helps the digestion. Appartment cats sometimes have troubles, because their owner forgot the cat grass.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For the natural exigences they are also different :

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSome do !

Inside cats have no choise, that's the litterbox
Inside and outside cats have a choise and so when it rains, they go inside, when it's dry they go outside. Seems logical. But (because there is a but) some cats don't like earth or grass or whatever and always go inside, preferably when the litter box has
just been cleaned.
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And there is a real ceremony going on with almost all cats. First they look for an adequat place, in the freshly digged up flower bed for example. Then they prepare a little hole with the front paws tossing the earth around in all directions. When this is done they sit on the hole with the tail and chin up and have a very concentrated, penetrative look. Work accomplished they would turn around the hole at least tree times, before covering it up meticulously. (The indoor or indoor/outdoor cats mostly forget this last action and jumps just out of the litter box with the content gluing on their paws

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Here no hole had been digged,

there were a paper laying around

Start washing procedure :

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ready for a little nap


Vinutha and Lingaraj said...

oh wow!!!
I like the cats eyes on he blog.. how did u get them....
you must have put in lot of work to get such a article up, and ofcourse the numerous photos are good and gr8.

Sigruns German Garden said...

Das erste Foto mit der dicken Frau ist ja zum BrĂ¼llen! Pfui, Gattina!

Sigrun :-))

Victor Tabbycat said...

NO CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is poisonous for cats. Onions, too, especially the skins. Vanilla ice cream, on the other paw, is wonderful. Mmmmm.

Mom's indoor/outdoor cat refused to use a litterbox - ever.

Jana said...

I have 4 cats - Sassy uses outside only - no matter, snow or rain or bad wind, doesn't matter. I have 4 catboxes in the house, Buddy uses them all, Shadow and Benjamin use only one box in the living room. I use the sh*t scoop every day and change the sand once a month or so, unless its winter then I change it more.
I only feed my cats cat food - they split one can a day, and organic dry whenever they ask for it. ALso we have a water fountain which all of them but Buddy use and love. He only drinks from the tub faucet. My husband gets mad because it breaks the guts in the faucet to use such a small drip, but if Buddy doesn't drink from there he doesn't get any water and I don't want him dehydrated, so husband can change the guts in the faucet.
I realize that without my cats to do things for, my existence would be so boring and mundane.