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Somebody asked me what I use for my paintings. To 90 % I paint in acrylic. I like that very much. I use it just like oil, and I don't dilute it. When I started painting it was with oil. But that didn't fit with me. I had to wait too long until the first lay was dry to put the second or third on that I lost my inspiration and started something else, which didn't come to an end either.

With acrylic it's so easy. It dries very quick and I can follow my idea. Acrylic already exists since 1950 on the market and a lot of painters are using it.

It's also sold in tubes just like oil painting. The plastic bottles you also find in the shops are much cheaper but not good on canvas. Only for the fond. It's very liquid.

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Here we had tho paint an aquarium. With a real fish. All classmates brought food for the poor fish and almost fed him to dead. But apparently he liked us and survived. My added cat didn't do anything ! (Acrylic)

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A lucky cat, I usually take first a picture or make a drawing and then put it in acrylic on canvas.

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A sleeping cat couple, painted in pastel.

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He probably is watching something suspect !

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Again a cat couple also in pastel

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If you look at the paintings this way, you will see modern art.


Anonymous said...

what are you on about do you seriously want us to belive you did this, i know for a fact that the 5th one down was done by Franz Marc so who else did you steal work from?

Gattina said...

Dear Anonymous,
You could have told me your name because your made me the best compliment I ever had !! Yes I did these paintings and I still do you can see more of them on my painting blog ! The last picture was not done by Franz Marc, he painted in oil and not in acrylic and he showed a fox and not a cat. I had to make it for my art school. The theme was "paint like ...." and you could choose a painter.