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Amongst cats you have indoor or outdoor cats, that depends where you are living. The outdoor cat likes strolling in gardens, woods, or parks or trying to find out if there is any cat food left in neighbors cat bowls., A human who goes out doesn't stroll in gardens, there he is supposed to work, in the woods he has to respect ways, is not allowed to hide under bushes (they do sometimes but for bad purposes) or climb on a tree, in parks it's the same but he can rest on a bank or walk around. He doesn't look for bowls, but for Restaurants and bars. That's the difference between an outgoing cat and an outgoing human.

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The indoor cats try to do the same as the outdoor cats and this can sometimes be dangerous for the furniture, curtains or other things in the house. Humans having indoor cats provide them with beautiful scratchposts, countless toys, from plush till teleguided mice and are proud to buy the nices basket and the beautifullest litter box. (nothing is good enough even the automatically cleaned litter box)
And what does that ungrateful cat do ? Disdaining the scratchpost she prefers sofas, armchairs, carpets and curtains, which, she is convinced, are much better

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than a stupid scratchpost. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingImage Hosted by ImageShack.usThe same with the toys, there are TV or other cables laying around, cords, laces or nice silk underwear, cigarette butts, newspapers (especially the last one) or in any case something moving whatever that is. (even if the whole tablewear lands on the floor)
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The litterbox she uses of course, but with tendency of sitting besides especially when it has not been cleaned up immediately after the last visit.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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For food in and outdoor cats behave the same way they want to eat when there is nothing in the bowl and are not eating when the bowl is full. They also have in commun to wake up their owners in the middle of the night, just to check if they are sleeping well. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOutdoor cats even bring a gift.
Which is an adorable gesture and shows how much she loves them. Of course both cats are not using the beautiful basket, as they are very caring they leave it where it is just for decoration and
prefer to sleep on sofas, in beds, on microwaves, computers, in suitcases or cartons in wardrobes on tables and computers just where they just have decided to be tired.
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Both cat categories usually love to watch TV and their preferences are animal shows especially other cats. This invites the owner to buy special cat CDs.

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My cats are both, in and outdoor. But Lisa the oldes one (15) goes only out when the weather is warm and the sun shining, otherwise it's to cool for her old bones, although she is still able to climb in the weaping willow in our gardes, or on the highest wardrobe in the house. Pookie my personal cat only goes out when I am with her otherwise she does her obligatory 24 h sleeep mostly on my bed. Kim and Arthur, black and white are always outside only coming in for foot or when it rains for a nap. But they never go far and show up from time to time just to assure as that they are still there.

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I did a new photo blog if you wish : http://gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com/

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kuanyin333 said...

You KNOW the world of cats, and you present them with so much good fun! Blessings...Kuanyin

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

What a fun blog you have! I adore cats as well. I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I will have to take a better look at yours when I have some time. it's wonderful!
You are right, your Lisa looks a lot like our Molly! And you have Kim, who looks like our Tas.
Pookie = our Pippin? hehe.. almost. Pippin does like to eats bugs as well.
All we need now is a white cat!
See you soon.

Mrs. Angry said...

You look exactly the opposite of the type of person who slays kittens. (Although I was a bit worried there when you said one of your cats slept on the microwave. For a moment I thought you said 'in the microwave...')