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I have a lot of cat books, which I never red. The reason was, I only looked at the pictures for inspiration when I wanted to start a new painting. That's what I did today and suddenly I didn't look at the pictures, I red the text for the first time although I had these books since many years. And now I am much more intelligent as before because I learned a lot of things on top of the others I knew already.

So did you know that a cat helds many naps. Every day about 16 h. When I look at mine I think the statistic has to be reviewed, they sleep at least 20 h per day.

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Cat nap with Barbie

I also learned that a cat is a carnivor. Yes I can see that when they jump on the table to get the chicken or steak down, while I am doing something else and have my back turned to them.

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Indoor cats need special grass for their digestion. That is true too, only my indoor cats go outside, take themselves for a cow, come back and vomit on the best carpet. This is digestion.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingA cat washes for 3 hours a day (again statistics) Mine wash more, especially when they have done something they are not allowed to do. So they show me that they are busy and cannot listen. But what I didn't know is that while they are washing they swallow Vitamine D which apparently sticks on their furr. That is great ! I will try that too, so I don't have to buy vitamines anymore in a drugstore.

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Where are the firemen ?

The book also said that they need to climb. Really ? Now I understand why they climb on tables, sofas, beds, shelves and other places and outside cats on cars, trees, walls and windows. I also understand why sometimes people have to call the firemen with an enormous ladder to get poor darling cat down !

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love season

They also talk about "love season" what a unromantic word ! During that period the female cat curls on the back and pushes loud screams because she is in heat. I don't know it's not warm at all, it's even cold and then in this house it's love season all the time and even males do that. I am worried. We are not a normal family. Fights come up and the strongest one wins.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Here too, only there is no winner, the one who has enough just walks away. He anyway is not interested in females at all.

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I love you, I love you ...

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Poor cats, they all have been spayed. And that is good so ! Otherwise I would have ..... take the calculater : at least 5 x kittens 4 x a year during average 10 years (average is 5 to 8 babies per litter), I red. Is there anybody able to give us a result ? Can you immagine how my house would look like ? I would have NO space at all for me. Even now I have to shrink to a dwarf to find a space.

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If a cat is happy, I learned, she purrs. OK, but are my Arthur and Kim never happy ? That is awfull ! They never purr ! I am heartbroken ! And probably because of that the two others, Lisa and Pookie are two little motors on 8 legs. (4 legs per cat)

I also red that the first cats have been domesticated 4500 years ago by the Egyptians and they were even gods and had been mummyfied. (I have to learn how to do that)

And all those who believe in Allah should know that Mohamed cut off his sleeve because his cat was sleeping on it, while he was sitting in the sun and he didn't want to disturb her. Such a man cannot order to kill ! That must be the men who misinterpreted the koran.

And as I have nothing to say in this house but feed the cats, it's time by now !

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Jana said...

Good to know that American cats and Belgium cats do the same thing. Go outside, eat grass, then come inside and vomit on the best carpet!!!
I'm happy your cats are neutered, so are all of mine. And happy to know I'm not the only one that serves the cats-- my only job in the world that matters. =-).