It is very hard to get all cats together on one picture !

Here I tried but it's only possible in "panorama" ! Kim is the black spot under the bushes. They had their meeting outside on an evening mulling over what crimes to comit this night.

Arthur was the first one to get into action and in the morning brought me this poor birdie so that I could admire his prey ! I told him that he is a very naughty boy and burried the bird in the bin.

During the weekend Arthur had a lot of work ! Actually he was the only one in action ! We had the visit of our 7 months old grandson Toby ! Arthur is the only one who doesn't bother about babies or toddlers or young kids, while all the others are hiding or watching from far !

My son cleaned the already clean terrace before putting down the blanket for Toby. At the same time he also "cleaned" Arthur who wanted to play with the broom. He loved it ! I think from now on I have to "broom" him every day ! Nonno made an unhuman effort to get on his knees and play with Toby !

Arthur thought that the blanket is a nice under cover place and the fact that a baby was laying on top didn't disturb him at all.

He also watched with interest when the nappy was changed ! As he is a very social cat he probably thought what a nice exciting weekend he had, and not the usual boring one with his old servants.

Rosie kept her distances and prefered to watch us from outside through the window !

Pookie stayed in my room and didn't come out until they were gone !

and Kim only came home at night when her stomac was empty. We hardly saw her but everybody noticed that her fur is getting more and more reddish.

Now everything is back to normal and Arthur has to look for further adventures in the neighborhood. I have been told that he visited our 92 year old neighbor and shared lunch with him. No wonder that he doesn't like cat food !


Deb said...

That Arthur is quite the fellow. Handsome too.

Sparkle said...

Arthur and Binga are a lot a like - very social!

Photo Cache said...

Emma is like Pookie. She just stays inside her room.

Emma and Buster

Mr Puddy said...

Arthur, You are brave ! I never got so close to the tiny baby human..Whatever ! They are scary !!!! when when they are so little like that, They smell is super funny !!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We love that Arthur was so involved wiv the baby ~ he looks like he really enjoyed the visit. Toby-baby is gorjuss.

We couldn't get over how much Rosie looks like Milo, in that peeping through the window pic.

Alfie would have done exactly what Pookie did ~ hidden until the coast was clear!

And Kim looks cute wiv a ginger butt! MOL!

Barbara said...

Arthur is such a hoot! And congrats on getting that picture of the three cats, it's not easy!

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour sweet friends and Gattina!
So nice to have a baby visiting home!Toby is adorable!So nice to see Arthur curious about the baby and even he was trying to help! Good boy my friend Arthur! :)
I think I should have the same reaction as Rosie, more "shy"mood!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Hallo efurrybody !
Seem lika you had a nice weekend ?!

I´m soooo envie you Arthur that actually cought a Birdie Nam nam !!!
The only thing I manege is to make my ka ka sound when I see one :(
Me too think you are one brave cat that dares to be so near a baby !!!
I guess I had kept my distance like Rosie did :)
Or stayed in MY bedroom all weekend like Pookie :)

*MOL* Be groomed with a broom :)

So Kim I see you got a bit sunbleched :)
My mom say´s that the cat they had before me (Sixten) he also went from black to moore reddish in the summer.

Happy tuesday !!!

Ellen Whyte said...

Arthur is furry brave. I think Au and Target would run for cover!

Linens and Royals said...

Rosie you are right to look so wary, that beautiful Toby will soon be on his feet and running around. Maybe Arthur doesn't know that and is trying to remain the centre of attention.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Toby is gorgeous and getting to the interesting stage too. I am like Arthur and like to interact with the little one's when they visit. I lol when I heard that Arthur goes to visit and shares the neighbours breakfast. Hugs GJ x

Maribeth said...

So glad to hear your visit went so well. Toby sure is growing fast! By the way. I love the picture of a bright eyed Rosie!

chicken coops said...

Lol cats are hard work to photograph arn't they

Unknown said...

Arthur you are too funny! My kitties run from the broom lol. Great pics, glad you are enjoying a visit from the little cutie. :)

Irishcoda said...

I love the pictures of Arthur with baby Toby! I remember when my grandson was a baby, Mouse enjoyed posing for pictures on the blanket with him!

catsynth said...

The picture of Arthur and the broom is very funny - and the picture of Rosie in the window is very pretty.
The panorama of all the cats in nice, too.

Fr. Tom Fish said...

That is an amazing back scratcher..I want one, I want one!


Ginger said...

Arthur is very brave to deal with a noisy little human

Whisppy said...

Arthur is such a darling. The photos of him with your son and grandson are so lovely. My cats are probably like Rosie and Pookie, prefering to stay away from strangers.

Jo said...

None of you would've coped with the baby without Arthur's help! I love him being broomed. Yep, I think your son started something you'll have to continue with. I loved this post, Gattina. (((Hugs))) Jo

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...


have I told you this?

Yesterday, watching the Cat neighbours fighting show and how they encourage people to de sex the cats, I remember a Burddist friend,

she said, It is cruel to desex the cats and dogs without giving them one chance to have babies.

She still joined the cat Cafe club, but she expressed this idea very strongly.

meowmeowmans said...

Babies, children and brooms don't bother him ... Arthur is so very brave! :)

How nice that you had a visit with Toby (and his dad, too).

Pookie and Rosie did what Moosey probably would have done (hide).

We think Kim's red furs look quite striking!