Last week the weather was still nice and the cats had a lot to do in the garden and the neighborhood.

They lay in the sun or played on the terrace, except Kim of course who only watches. When it's so warm I hardly see her.

Arthur has discovered a nice place in the sun outside on the window sill. Here he sleeps or watches us.

Of course Rosie when she saw this place chased him away and squatted it for the rest of the sunny days. We felt observed ! We couldn't move in the living room without her watching us ! We had to be careful about what we were doing !

Then the rain returned and the cats too, inside ....

Arthur started his deep "rain" sleep and even when I pushed him with my new clogs I have gotten from a my Blog friend Mara, didn't wake him up.

and as always when it rains, Arthur has to be comforted, here with Mr. G. (of course) sharing a Pizza ! Arthur must have Italian ancestors !

Pookie doesn't leave the bed, she meditates and only gets up for food and other important purposes.

All in all it was a boring week, nothing special happened and Rosie even forgot to tidy up her mousies around the food bowls.


Barbara said...

That photo of Rosie looking in the window is so funny - I'd say she was a Peeping Tom only she can't be as she's a girl :O)

Whisppy said...

Hahaha. That picture of Rosie staring into the house is so creepy but funny! I think it's now her new hobby which is why she isn't arranging her mousies anymore!

Luna said...

Here it's been also rather boring because of the dull weather but the good thing is that my brother is home and I can play a lot with him!
Purrs and love,

Ginger said...

Ah, Pookie thinks like my Miles! The bed is the most wonderful place in the world.

Mr Puddy said...

Aww !!! Gattina, This post made me giggle with the way you took photos, Arthur on the window sill and when I look at him, I saw the white cat sculpture look similar what Arthur is doing, and then Rosie, I have to laugh ! Her eyes look so big like the mask inside the house : )

The Chair Speaks said...

We think the cats are taking revenge by staring back. They probably felt that you and Mr G stared too much at them! LOL!

Maribeth said...

Ah yes. Arthur the Italian cat!

meowmeowmans said...

Pookie, what a very wise cat you are! We can see you have your priorities straight. :)

Arthur, you sure do love that Italian cuisine! First mortadella, now pizza ... what's next?

Kim, we can understand why you don't come out much when it's so hot outside. With your long, beautiful furs, you must get very warm.

Rosie ... you are SO funny peering in the window like that. Way to keep and eye on Mr. and Mrs. G. :)

Sharon Wagner said...

Your cats are living the good life. And of course they're blog stars.

Photo Cache said...

They liked pizza? How nice. My cats hardly eat human food.

Emma and Buster

Katnip Lounge said...

What a wonderful, cat-filled week at your house, the photo of Arthur as a loaf on the sill was so sweet. Our Kona is like Pookie, moving only when absolutely necessary!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

s always the stories and pictures made me smile and I so enjoyed. the only thing to do in the rain is nap.. Hugs GJ xx

Felisol said...

Your cats are having such a good home and a good life.
I think cats need to get outdoors too. I see you have put a collar on them. What's your experience with that. Some say they might get stuck while climbing all these incredible place cats do. We had our last cat tattooed in his ear. He disappeared the day before the family went off to Rome, ( we had arranged with good cat-sitters),but he never came back. That was so sad, we doubted we could ever manage to have a cat again, until Amidala came and adopted us.
I think we need to get some kind of identification for her, but I'm not sure which. Some add a chip to their ear, but that doesn't sound pleasant.
I'd like to hear your opinion.

I bet you have your hands and days full with four cats.
Also experience enough for ten.

Team Tabby said...

Arthur sure is enjoying that pizza, it does look yummy.

Gattina your new yellow clogs look very comfortable.

Ellen Whyte said...

Oh Gattina you are living in a zoo and you're the exhibit :-) MOL, love the way Arthur tucks into food that he really shouldn't even like. What a nice boy he is.

Team Tabby said...

Thanks for your kinds words of support for me, Gattina. My vet is not sure what exactly happened to me and they have not had a case like mine. I am hoping time will heal me, apparently there is a chance, even if small.


Marilia said...

Hahah! Lovely blog, lovely post!
Kisses from Brazil