After two weeks of painters in the house my little cat family had another shock ! A baby in the house ! Little grandson Toby spent us a visit over the weekend.

Arthur, cool as ever, didn't bother about the baby, didn't even throw a glance on him, he was more disturbed by the baby's mother who chased him away probably because he could put some cat hair on little Toby. I was rather surprised because I knew her as a cat lover. Mr. G. wasn't pleased about this at all, but didn't say anything for Pete's sake but inside he was like a volcano, that somebody terrorized his beloved Arthur.

It bothered me far more that Arthur jumps on the table when we have guests, which really he shouldn't do, and then I chase him away too, but how can the poor cat know if when we are alone he is allowed to eat from Mr. G's plate and when there are people he is not ! With me he would never dare to do this. So while we were eating I locked him out, but Mr. G wasn't happy about this at all and his meal was somewhat spoiled !

Little a Toby a very good baby only cried when he was hungry but that, apparently didn't bother the cats at all. Anyway, Pookie didn't show up at all anymore once she had put her nose in the living room and had run away. She is a very sensitive cat and "smells" when cats are unwanted. Kim only came in during the night for food and fortunately Rosie slept on the sofa behind my head as usual and wasn't bothered even when I had little Toby in my arms.

Now I mean hygenic is very important for a baby, but too much isn't good either. Then they get sick for a yes and a no. How do farmer kids survive amongst, cats, chicken, cows, pigs etc ?? And our son had always lived with a cat since he was born and it all went very well. What I mean is that one should try to combine nicely the living together of babies and animals. So many cats and dogs loose their so said "forever home" because a baby arrives. To me that means that they never had been real pet lovers but only took a pet as a substitute for a baby.

In any case I don't like visitors who chase our cats away, unless they are personally bothered by them. It's their house and it's to us to decide what they are allowed to do and what not, and honnestly all our friends love our cats. Even poor Dominique who starts to sneeze because she is allergic !

Now everything is back to normal and Arthur helps with the computer work, he has also dialled a number on Mr. G's mobile phone I don't know who it was it was n° 666666666 (anywone concerned ?)

Pookie too likes this place and rests from all these stressing days

The weather is bad and they watch the rain out of the window.

Rosie finally has found all her mousies again, and as you can see relaxes happily in her basket.


The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur is one 'happy-go-lucky' guy and little Toby's cries probably spooked Pookie.
Did Pookie completely covered the keyboard and Mr G can't use it?
Love Rosie's very (un)comfortable resting pose!

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour dear Gattina and catfriends!
wow a busy weekend there!Full of love with this wonderful visit of baby Toby.
He is adorable, and I love that picture with you and Toby in your arms, so sweet moment.
I agree with your words, my mommy grow up on a farm in Brazil,grand mommmy had several animals, including a turtle as well, and no problems of baby's health.
The pictures are all beautiful, and Rosie inside the basket is so cute!
I imagine my friends cats can also feel a little bit "jealous" about you and Mr. G, when baby is there.It's normal.
Hey...I didn't got that call, please could you ask Arhtur to give me another call later, please? MOL
*** (whispering)Today the sun is visiting us!
purrs and Happy Tuesday!

Barbara said...

Oh dear, so many upsets for the kitties. I understand Mr G's annoyance - I would be too if someone shooed my cats away in their own home. And yes, I always think children should be exposed to a little more dirt and germs to build their immune systems up. Glad things are back to normal (!). Love the way Pookie has taken over the desk, and Rosie looks like she's doing a complicated yoga pose!

Luna und Luzie said...

It is never boring in your house. last week the painter this week baby....always busy!

All our kids live with cats and other pets since years. If you keep the floor clean and the cat bowls and litterbox it is hygienic enough. Against the cat hairs you can do nothing except vaccuming every day.
Hope you had a great time with Toby and he´ll come back soon.

Happy Tuesday

Mr Puddy said...

I'm the same as Pookie, If the baby arrive, I run for life : )

MOL for Rosie, I guess those mousies are very clean enough to do snooze with her : ) ( No more bath ? )

Mom said she thankful to you to bring the issue " So many cats and dogs loose their so said "forever home" because a baby arrives "

For mom, She think this is unacceptable ! Sound like the excuses to get rid off the animals !


Al said...

The doctors said since the kids are asthmatic, pets shouldn't be allowed inside or around the house. But what can I do? I am a dog and cat lover, so I didn't mind what the doctor said and instead exposed the kids to dogs and cats until they get used to them. Now they can hug them, play with them without sneezing I think it's just a matter a being hygienic.
Btw I read your blog in my awards page and I have no idea why my link lead you there, anyway I apologize for that. I hope this link would take you to my blog.

Ellen Whyte said...

I know what you mean, Gattina. In our house the rule is, "The cats live here; you don't." I don't mind cats eating off my plate when I visit friends, but I do enjoy seeing their shy faces :-) that picture of Rosie is soooooo cute!

Maribeth said...

We had an old friend of Hubby's here for a visit. She hated the dogs and made no secret of this. After a day or so of complaints I finally told her straight out..."My dogs live here and they deserve to be treated better"! I sure hope she never comes back!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh dear mixed feelings. It would have been so lovely to see your gorgeous grandson but it would have been distressing that the kitties could not join in and see the little one.When the great and grand beans come we always make sure they get to see jasper up close and he loves to see the little one's. No wonder Mr G was upset that they were shooed away as what is a little cat hair. I do though have to go with you and not allow to eat from the plates. Your grandson is gorgeous.. Carol and GJ xx

catsynth said...

Looks like a lot of excitement this weekend - and a lot of fun pictures. It looks like Arthur is at least comfortable with the visitors, including the youngest one. Luna is very uneasy around children (at least the couple of times she has met them).

Amy & the house of cats said...

Wow that is a lot of excitement with the painters and now the baby! And Toby is a cutie! It is good that the baby and the cats got along by not bothering each other, but we think that a little closeness is a good thing.

Linens and Royals said...

New mothers are always a bit over protective so it is good you said nothing as you want the cute Toby to come for lots of visits.
My visitors know they must sit on the floor if the only available chair is occupied by a sleeping cat and wouldn't dare say a word about me sharing my meals with my cats.

Marie said...

New mothers can be overprotective but really a little cat hair is less likely to hurt a baby then many other things :-) Both our kids have been around multiple cats (and other animals) since they were born and I have read that kids actually have fewer allergies when they are raised with pets. So that's all to the good.

We do have a friend who doesn't like animals (any animals) which I don't really understand and fortunately she doesn't visit often since she lives out of state -- but when she does we try to keep the pets away from her. It's just hard -- most of our cats think every visitor is there for them anyway :-)

I'm glad things have settled down now and all the kitties are getting back to their regular routines :-)

Sweepy said...

A baby in the house!
And Arthur did not even kiss them baby feet? 'Cause I would. Of course not when the Mum is looking.

My human has allergy too when she was a little girl but she cried for a pet and until now she has no asthma! I should know, I sneeze more when she is around!

Jans Funny Farm said...

He didn't dial long distance,did he?

Sounds like it was quite a visit with the grandbaby.

Indian Home Maker said...

Awww!!! Love your cats and love that you love them so well!! I have only one cat now (or he has us), but I have had many cats for past many years.

Loved the pictures...

Lisa notes... said...

How fun to have Toby in the house! You look like a happy woman. :-) I have heard that it is actually GOOD for children to be exposed to animals and germs a little so they can build immunities. Sometimes we get a little crazy trying to be TOO clean and it turns out bad.

You’ve got some great pics here.

Barbara H. said...

Glad you had a nice time with the grandson despite the slight altercations with the kitties. I'm sure they've gotten over it by now! :-)

Ginger said...

I agree. Cat hair will not hurt a baby. Of course, my almost 17 year-old has been with cats his entire life and he is fine. Some people are too sensitive. I remember when my nephew was born back in 1976, my sister-in-law would not let me snap a picture with a flash near him! Such hysteria!