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Rosie now is big enough to wear her first collar ! I bought little elastic strings normally used for a ponytail ! Her little neck is still so skinny. Of course she wouldn't need one, but I find her so cute when she is "dressed".

Arthur and Rosie are now the best friends. They are always together and Arthur allows her to play with his tail or put her little paws around his neck.

Here he is giving her a kiss and invites her to play

Come on give me the straw !

See how you have to do ?

and when Rosie is tired she chooses her napping place, this time on my bed with Pookie !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Dear little Rosie. She's found her place in the hierarchy of cats in your house.

Arthur's tail looks pretty good, too. I'm so pleased he and Rosie are good friends. We need some more Arthur adventures...he is such a character.

Anonymous said...

Je viens voir la p'tite Rosie! Elle est si jolie avec son collier! Arthur veut jouer avec elle! Il retrouve une deuxième jeunesse! Voilà! J'ai terminé mon article sur National Holiday et je suis très malheureuse car toi seule est dans le secret (les coulisses de mon article). Le 14 juillet devient Européen sous Sarkokenstein 1 et plus encore c'est lui qui a invité mon Michel Polnareff pour un grand concert gratuit ce soir au pied de la Tour Eiffel! Il s'attribue tout! C'est pas de la propagande ça! Culte de la personnalité Sarkokenstein!
Et les journalistes qui nous envoient ça ...

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh, I am so glad Rosie and Arthur are friends ... every little kitty needs at least one playmate !!
Arthur's tail looks like it's getting better all the time.
Take care, Meow

The Cat Realm said...

Those pictures are cute! I am glad you cats play with each other, that is very important! Anastsia and I play a lot together! We wrestle and chase and hide and seek and and and.
And bringing mice to your humans, how thoughtful! I bring the butler rats sometimes. And Anastasia brings insects to the maid.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that's just adorable! I'm so glad that Rosie and Arthur have become such good friends. I know that makes them both very happy! And it looks like Rosie and Pookie are growing closer, too!

Precious pictures!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Around Your Wrist said...

ready for the performance?
mom arranged this for four part kitty harmony:

taps conducting baton on the music stand...raises paw and waits for all kitties to pay attention: counts two measures of 4/4 tempo.

{sopranos: (descant) on the wall
basses: (continuo) bottles of beer bottles of beer bottles of beer}
unison: 99 bottles of beer on the wall. 99 bottles of beer...

tenors: take one down

altos: pass it around

unison: 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

98 bottles of beer on the wall. 98 bottles of beer...

tenors: take one down

altos: pass it around

unison: 97 bottles of beer on the wall

ad infinitum, ad nauseum

(mom looked for an mp3 and couldn't find one)

Lux said...

Adorable pictures!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hi Gattina and Kitty Cats.. Thank you for joining the First Edition of the Bad Kitty Cat Festial!

These pictures are fantastic. Rosie is such a cute baby! She does look pretty in her collars!

Hugs and Purrs

Karen Jo said...

I am very glad that Arthur and Rosie have become good friends. Arthur's tail looks almost normal in the next to last photo.

FelineFrisky said...

Oh! This is SOOO fabulous! Arthur accepts Rosie, just as you wanted!

and his tail! Look how it's healed!

Just wonderful, I am so happy for your little family!!!

D :)