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This week I have to complain about ol' lady Lisa ! I don't know if she has spring feelings although spring is still far away, but she is restless ! At sometimes 3.30 am (!) she lays besides my head and switches her motor on and purrs so loud in my ear that of course I wake up. Then I have to get up immediately because My Lady wishes to eat.

She also moves from day to day to another nap place. Yesterday I found her as a decoration in the kitchen. I admit, she really looked very decorative.

Nobody is allowed to go to the toilet alone ! Not even guests. She just wants to check what we are doing. If you don't open the door she scratches until you open. Otherwise you have to hurry up to save the door.

Once inside and there is nothing special to see besides a human on the thrown, she wants to go outside of course.

It also happens when we have guests. I suddenly hear a cry for help coming from the toilet : "The cat, the cat, can you move the cat "!

Lisa doesn't understand such a behavior and offended walks away tail up ! She also has her proudness.

She also squats again Mr. Gattino's desk and especially the computer.

It's almost so nice to climb in there then outside on natural stuff. Especially when it is cold and rainy.

She files the papers and she does it so well that nobody can find them anymore. It doesn't bother me when the papers are unpayed invoices. I can always say and with good conscience that they are lost.

When Lisa finally has finished to terrorize the whole household and chased around poor Pookie, she is happy about all her daily achievements and takes her well earned nap in the regular cat basket (for once, doesn't happen very often)

Meanwhile Arthur has found another occupation. He still doesn't go out and we are now proud owners of an inside cat.

But he doesn't want that others come in or go out either. Especially the neighbor cats who do it from time to time. Arthur too always ate from other dishes, because it tastes much better then stupid home food.

But now he really gets angry if he sees a face in the cat door which doesn't belong to his sisters. They are allowed in, but not out ! He behaves like a jalous muslim brother.

When I comfortably sit on my sofa and watch TV where a couple is just kissing, I suddenly hear screems sound through the whole house as if a serial killer is busy with cutting victims into pieces.

I get out of my sofa like a missile, run down the steps to see who is killed in our basement and find Arthur sitting on my car roof and looking at me with very astonished big yellow eyes.

And then because he is a very polite cat, makes a reference to me jumps down the car roof and walks me to the kitchen because these events had made him hungry.

I don't know who wrote this, but I am sure it doesn't fit on my cats !

Little cat, (not so little)

I hear your footsteps pit-pat (pit-pat ? I hear things falling down)

in the hallway the kiss of air, whisper-soft purr; (throwing up, yes and purring like a dove !)

I hear the echos of your purr; (1000 volts I hear)

and see your pouncing shadow everywhere.... (it's not a shadow it's the cat herself !)

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TorAa said...

No doubt, cats are chief inspectors. They firmly check absolutely everything. Even their two legs servants patience. No matter the time of day (or night).

And paper and bill handling, they are really clever. And so well done :))

And on top of the car, who's there to be sure nobody leaves the House without permission. Fantastic.

Great entry.

mines up (the post I mean)


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this.
your bloggie is very pretty too :-)

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny about Lisa not letting people go to the toilet alone. My cat Tigger will not let anyone take a bath or shower alone. He has to go in there because he likes the sound of the running water!

Tigger posted a Valentine's Day card today (a day early). He thought it would be fun to play with his photo collection a bit and come up with a special holiday message.

Obsidian Kitten said...

ah, Miss Lisa! our cats like to watch everyone on the toilet, too--sometimes they will jump up on your lap while you're on it! lol

and Miss Lisa and Miss Emma are definitely twins. every time I see Lisa's picture I must go check and make sure Emma is still at home.

I think you should get Arthur an Inspector's cap. I think he would look very handsome in the smart little uniform.

srp said...

The picture of Arthur in the garage has a dog poster on the wall at the level of the car roof... Perhaps that scared him or he got mad that there was a dog looking his way.. Very funny.

And the cartoon.... now, that is scary, especially since we have had some roof rats in the neighborhood for a while and I would not like one of our cats to bring me a present such as that. I really don't have to worry though, they have no clue as to what to do with a mouse. Cats of leisure.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Lisa, you look very lovely in the kitchen. The colour scheme complements your fur very nicely. I usually want to be in the washroom when my humans are in there too - I don't scratch at the door, though, I just meow outside the door.

As always, Gattina, I enjoyed reading about the cats who own you. :)

kuanyin333 said...

I like your re-designed blog! Very cute! You're such a funny writer...and I always laugh when I read your humorous posts about your cats!

My COT is up now! Blessings!

marianne said...

I've just recently discoverd this part of your blog so I've got some reading to do - I love kitties and this sounds like it'll be a fun weekly event. I played too!

Unknown said...

Luna like to watch me in the toilett too!! Is dificult for me reading in english,but I learn English and try to read all the story with dictionary in my hand!
See you!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oh, that is just so funny. I love reading about your kitties ... I think I need to get another one, it seems that having multiple cats in a household makes for much more fun.
My "Cats" is finally up (a day late, sorry !).
Take care,

FelineFrisky said...

Sounds like she's house mistress! Has her job well rounded! D :)

I have not been well recently, hubby has it too. I have neglected the computer for several days now, but am feeling stronger this afternoon. I will be more diligent.

Jodi said...

Lisa sounds like my Lulu... she hates when the bathroom door is closed, she has to be in there with whoever it is!

I finally got my post up, blogger wouldn't let me log into my account today.

Andree said...

Mouse, about whom I blogged this week, has a shower thing: she sits outside the shower door and when you get out, dripping wet, she begins to dry you off by licking you. If you don't allow her to do this, she begins mewing! Closing the bathroom door only makes her frantic!

I tried to comment on your blog at school today but of course just after I signed onto your comments, I had to leave the computer! Sorry for that!

Have a wonderful week1

Jana said...

Buddy will sit outside the bathroom door if it's open, but if its closed he pounds and meows and has a FIT till it's opened, then he'll sit outside the door. First thing in the morning, all 4 join me in the bathroom for the staff meeting, Bud wants a drink of water from the tub tap, Ben and Sassy come in to say hello and find out if everyone is present, Shadow doesn't want to contribute to the meeting, she just wants the food cupboard opened up, and she sits drumming her tail and glaring at all the lazy people sitting around in the bathroom.
As for dear Arthur, I'm glad he's chasing off the neighborhood mooches, he's obviously feeling better! How's his belly by the way? Great shots of Lisa doing the filing on Mr. G's desk!!