Do not disturb .....

She has cleaned my eyes, I don't like it but for the selfie it was necessary !

Arthur still continues to sleep in the same places, he is a brave cat now and goes in his litter box in the kitchen and the doggy pads help too, I put them close to the litter box so there are no accidents anymore !

His eyes are better, but not yet healed, and his appetite is unchanged. He sleeps most of the time and sometimes he goes out for a little walk. That's all I can do for him to make his life easy and happy.

Rosie too is in sleeping mode and chooses between sofa, chair and bed also always the same places. During the day now she doesn't go out, she goes out during the night. With the result that the neighbor's cat comes in and eats Arthur's left overs. It was an abandonned cat which my neighbor started to feed and let him sleep in her heated basement, she has also two cats, but apparently the food is better here so from time to time he stays in our basement. Can't chase him away ! I fake I don't see him ! Rosie doesn't agree with me, when she sees him she hisses and kicks him out !

And that's all they are doing for the moment !



I would say each week I start with the same sentence, "the weather was lousy" it rained the whole day long with short interruptions and therefore my cats are soo lazy, I think they sleep  more then 24 h !

I wished I could do the same, but, as a servant I have to get up, feed them, pet them, before they collapse again on a chair, the bed or another place !

So it was very difficult to do selfies with them.

Arthur's old bones refused to get up and as he is completely deaf now, he didn't even hear me and at least open an eye !

So this is his selfie, and I am sure he is quite happy with it, as you can't see his crusty eyes, he looks as if he had put up an eye liner. Although I clean it when he lets me, but in the morning he looks like a Halloween cat. Fortunately it seems that it gets better and better.

Rosie saw me coming and wasn't very happy either, she was very busy with grooming !

I just got this selfie when she interrupted her work !

and immediately continued

Before I could take another picture

She was fallen asleep on her freshly cleaned tail !

And this is my view the whole week long ! I could write "from Monday til Saturday" but sometimes Arthur moves besides the radiator because it is too hot, at least that's what I suppose.

I think he has put on some weight he looks a bit better, and I have to say he eats like a horse ! He should be a double sized cat with all the food and cat milk he gobbles down !



Sorry I have a dirty nose

My face looks so skinny, but I haven't lost weight

Each morning when I wake up I have this view !

I can't tell any funny story for the moment, as Rosie has fallen into a temporary (I hope so) winter sleep and only gets up for eating and her business !

Arthur is declining each day a bit more. He still manages to jump on the sofa and a bed, but not on the table anymore.

One eye has gotten worse and instead of only watering there is probably an infection. I have to go to the vet. His appetite is still very good he eats quite a lot, but becomes more and more bony and now he is also completely deaf.

What is very annoying is that he doesn't use his litter box anymore maybe because it is in the basement and he has to go down steps. I will put him one in the kitchen and see.

And here is how they spend the whole day !



Here is a reluctant Rosie, not so keen to make a selfie. It is not better with Arthur, they are both in a marathon sleep, due to rain and cold weather !

Not so bad

But no way to get out Arthur and to pose ! That's his last sleeping place ... behind the logs (fake)

Rosie prefers the heating

I have got this little wallet, looks like Arthur

Now he has two faces !

or he holds it between its paws !

Arthur doesn't know what to eat he also looks dirty, he doesn't groom himself very often. I should give him a bath, but he will kill me !

Has anybody an idea how to clean an old dirty very reluctant cat ? Especially around his eyes and nose !

 He loves this little fur rag close to the heating and warms up his old bones !

Some days he eats like a horse and some days he is very difficult, but he carries on his now very calm cat life.



Yesssssss, I did my selfie !

Honestly I am too tired for pushing the button !




Geez, I am getting old !

Arthur is coming !


There is a new pet food shop in Waterloo and I had never been there. I thought I will have a look and see if they have special food for grandpa cats. And there had, there was actually a new brand with cat SOUP ! I had never heard in my life of cat soup but I thought that is a good idea as he loves very liquid food. Just for a try I bought 4 little bags. The brand is called "Moments".

They have it with chicken, beef, salmon and tuna fish. He loves them all and eats it's soup without letting one drop. I also bought another new brand which he loves too plus the milk, it looks as if he even has put on some weight !

I have no illusions, it will be up and down, but for the moment he is OK ! His eyes water less and he even does his cat wash !

and after grooming he collapses on the little carpet.

His eye is still a bit wet, but I am allowed now to dry it !

As it is cooler outside, he loves to lay in front of the radiator on the warm tiles. He spends his days between going out a bit and laying around, not to forget he meows all the time ! A real chatterbox ! Only when he is full til the top he stops ! Mr. G. is close to a nervous breakdown sometimes. I think they become more and more similar like twins !

Enough to eat ? Arthur in his restaurant !

Rosie is also lazy, it looks as if she had started her winter sleep already ! The whole day she lays on her scratching board and sleeps or does her clawing mani cure.

and when she sees me going to the bathroom in the evening, she just changes her napping place and settles down for the night.

When I look around I have the impression to live in a retirement home !



Here I am for the selfie with my stone brother !

I had a dream !


I think my cats start their winter sleep, at least it seemed so this week !

I had to buy a new scratching board because Rosie had used up the first one. She was so happy and worked a long time on her claws and then exhausted settled down for a nap. She always sleeps on this board when we are in the living !

With the board I got a little bag of catnip and put a bit on the board. Instead of getting crazy and high, she sniffed and turned around disgusted !

When I am in my room and work on my computer, she often sleeps like a little snail.

From Arthur there are not so good news. If he ate the whole day in the beginning of the week and I thought that he is really hungry, now he sits in front of several food brands, eats a bit but drinks a lot of cat milk.

I don't care if it is healthy or not, he loves it and I will do everything to make him happy.

Now he mostly sleeps here when we are watching TV

or on the floor to Mr. G's room. He is quite dirty, I wanted to clean him but he gets excited so I let it be, just a bit I can do. But I am allowed to brush and comb him, so that's what I do when he comes on my lap.

He also does his wee wees on the floor when I don't put him out.

We prepare ourselves for the worst.