No selfie today I enjoy my spring feelings !

Dammit, for once I wanted to make a selfie I can't find the camera !!


This week didn't start very well for Kim. She drank a lot, ate little and as soon as she had eaten she had to vomit. She also did a we we twice on her carpet and made bigger business in the entrance hall.

The whole week I observed her and noticed that she could only lay down with a lot of difficulties and she meowed in pain when I touched the far end of her back and had lost a lot of fur at the beginning of her tail. Her nose was running and she sneezed all the time. It was just awful. Finally we took a decision, she was 20 years old and we wouldn't start to torture her with all kind of medication only to keep her alive for a few weeks more. With a bleeding heart I called the vet and asked her to come, as I didn't want that she would be put asleep elsewhere then at home. She also was so blown up like a balloon probably from all the water she drank. She wouldn't fit in my carrier.

We fixed an appointment on Friday at noon. And then happened something very strange ! Kim who had always known what I intended to do, before I did it and even only thought about it, like going to the groomer, must have felt something, because she suddenly disappeared, I just saw her disappearing on our little graveyard where all our animals are burried.

It had been a long time that she hadn't been outside, and I was very worried, but as it was only 9 am I thought she will be back by 12 ! Unfortunately not ! The vet came earlier so I couldn't even tell her that Kim had disappeared, and she told me to call her for another appointment. I was so down I wanted to have this behind me and proposed Saturday morning.

In the afternoon Kim still wasn't there ! Behind our house are all very high weeds and thistles because it is an empty ground. With boots I made my way until our fence from the other side, scratched my hands and nearly fell, but Kim was nowhere to be seen. I gave up !

At around 9 pm Mr. G. suddenly shouted "she is back" ! And there she was, went to her bathroom, tried to lay down, didn't eat but fell asleep.  I was so relieved, I thought maybe she is hiding somewhere and will die alone as some cats do. Therefore I had no courage to call the vet for an appointment and Kim is still sleeping in the bathroom.

I will see over the weekend now, maybe she will get better ?

These were the last pictures (I thought) before she disappeared. She still looks so good. I only want that she doesn't suffer.  Now I'll observe her and wait. She hasn't eaten anything the whole day, but drank a lot. I suppose it is like with all cats .... the kidneys !

Rosie fortunately is in good health and even plays outside with leaves or with whatever moves.

Our walking stomach Arthur, refused a beer, but has put on  weight which made me very happy because at one time he was all bones and fur !


Erin the Cat Princess said...

Oh my, Gattina, we have tears at reading your post, and feel for you and Kim, and so send lots o purrs and prayers that Kim is not in pain, and also gets better.
So good to see Arthur enjoying his lunch, and steering clear of the beer!
Love the selfies this week, and know all to well Rosies issue with finding the camera ;)
Gentle purrs
ERin & Mrs H

Dash Kitten Crew said...

I can feel your love and worry for Kim. I know you want what is best for your 20 year old wonderful cat. Be there for hr and give her love and care, she knows you will do what is best.

All our love

Marjorie and the Cats

Summer said...

I am so sad that it looks like Kim is reaching the end of her journey here on earth. Purrs to you... I do hope she picks up and is able to enjoy life for a while longer.

The Chair Speaks said...

Poor Kim; purrs and hugs for her and you. We are glad Arthur and Rosie are doing well.

meowmeowmans said...

We're very sad to hear that Kim is having difficulties. Thank you for loving her, and for always making your decisions with her well-being in mind. Sending purrs and prayers and love to you all.

Catscue Catmom said...

Purrs and prayers for Kim and for your breaking heart, we are thinking of you and your family this week.

Terri said...

We are sad to hear Kim is not feeling well. It is a heartbreak to have a beloved pet reach its golden years and then have to make that dreaded decision. We're relieved Kim came back home. We'll be thinking of all of you this week.

Tamago said...

My heart breaks for you and Kim...what a difficult decision you have to make. But I understand you don’t want her to suffer. I hope you get to spend as much peaceful time with her. My thoughts are with you.

Kitties Blue said...

I am so happy that Kim came home and did not die alone outside. It is such a hard decision to make when one’s beloved fur baby becomes old and infirm. Just don’t let your precious one suffer. I am sending lots of hugs and prayers and Kitties Blue send purrs and POTP. Happy to hear Arthur and Rosie are doing well. Thanks for hopping with his. Kitties mom, Janet

Timmy Tomcat said...

Our Mr Buttons was helped to the bridge Jan 2018 by Locks of Love who come to the home. They say the thing is to know when. This is the hardest of decisions we have to make as we love our dear furs so dearly. We send our purrs and prayers of support and that Kim is feeling as well as she can

pilch92 said...

I am praying for Kim to feel better and eat. XO

catladymac said...

W are sending purrayrs and Power of the Paw to Kim and to you and all your family. It is so hard to watch them grow old and not know how much to do to kep thm from suffering.

Maribeth said...

Oh, I do understand about Kim. You see I had a tuxedo kitty named Dottie, and one day I knew she was unwell. I called and put her in a box on the passenger seat as she was so weak.
I drove to the Vets, but on the way, she jumped out of the box and into my lap, where she quietly passed away. On her terms.