Although I thought I would understand the cat language by now, I realized that it is not always the case ! Pookie started meowing at 6 am, in crescendo ! I finally got up to feed her. An hour later it started again, and more and more. There was also another sound in her voice and she was looking up at th sink. Finally I understood. The poor thing was thirsty and wanted to drink from the tap !

As she can't jump anymore I picked her up and put her besides the tap. And she drank and drank, the poor thing had been so thirsty but didn't want the fresh water from the bowl. After that she stopped meowing and looked for a place to nap. Old ladies are sometimes difficult !

From time to time I have to change the bedsheets, I think. But Arthur has another opinion !

He was deeply sleeping on my bed, when I dared to take the cover away !

He stood up, not happy at all.

That I removed the bedsheet didn't bother him that much

He just lay down on the mattress and continued his nap.

But when I arrived with the vacuum cleaner he started to doubt about staying or not. Finally he gave up, very offended and disappeared somewhere in the house. When the bed was done, he didn't return ! He has his own proud.

Rosie apparently was tired from mice hunting during the night and preferred to watch us from the sofa.


Katnip Lounge said...

We spoil our old gal, Kona, too! At 18 years she deserves anything she wants.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Pookie has earned the right to be indulged! You can always check if she is dehydrated by grasping the skin and fur over her shoulders. If it is tent-like and is slow to relax, she needs water, badly. It's important that older kitties get lots of fluids - it's better for their kidney function.

Linens and Royals said...

I think you will have to buy Pookie a cat fountain, some cats seem to need running water.
Sometimes changing the bed sheets is more trouble than it's worth when there is a cat who refuses to leave the bed.
Rosie, I saw a rat outside my house today. Do you dispose of rats as well as mice? And can I rent you for a few weeks?

Michelle said...

Oh gosh...those habits sound all too familiar and us cat people are always there to jump and help! So adorable!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love sheet time too and sometimes we both help Mum so she can take a break!
You've got your Mom well trained Pookie so maybe you could give us a few hints.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans said...

Moosey can't jump so well anymore either. We have a small stool in the bathroom so that he can get on the counter to have a drink from the tap.

Arthur and Rosie look pretty comfy. :)