I noticed some changes in my cat's behaviour I don't know if it is the fact that a new year has started.

Ever since Pookie has only a few teeth left in her mouth she can't eat dry food anymore and she became very creative to show me that she is hungry !

Rosie's food bowl is just besides my desk because she gets a special diet food. So Pookie had an excellent idea. She comes, takes a few pieces in her mouth and then spits them out which makes a loud clong clong on the parquet. That way she educated me to get up leads me into the kitchen and feed her ! Cats are clever !

She also has decided now, to sleep in Rosie's basket besides my desk ! So far there haven't been any fights.

Arthur has reinforced his duties as body guard !

Whenever I go over to a neighbor, he observes me in which direction I go. When I come out of the neighbor's house he usually sits in front of the house on the street and meows loud ! Dominique uses to say : "Your body guard is here "! And indeed Arthur escorts me to our entrance door, tail up, aware of his important job.

And as body guards always wear dark glasses, I borrowed him a pair, which he didn't keep long on his nose, as the duty was over and he put them aside, to start his well earned nap.

But as soon as he hears that Mr. G. is in the kitchen he is in full alert ! and like a flash he arrives to check what Mr. G. is doing. Here he was putting salmon slices on a plate and of course Arthur sang loud to get his share !

Rosie is more and more involved in mouse laundry or looking for adequate beds for her mousies.

The wet once out of the water bowl I put each morning on the radiator, the other once are in my slippers or now also in Rosie's food bowl. It looks as if the mouse appreciate the food.

She also has acquired a very bad habit (especially during the night) because each time now when she had been outside she comes running in my room curring like an old pigeon, until I have petted her, then only she would climb on her tower or in the night on my bed, which is especially nice when she is wet !

Only Kim has nothing changed in her autistic life. She sleeps with Pookie,

eats with the others, and runs away outside through the basement when she sees me. It's a miracle that I could take a picture of her so close.

Arthur's friend little grandson Toby, had forgotten (his parents had to be honest) his little "doll" which he absolutely needs to keep him company when he wants to sleep. Arthur wanted to try out if this cute little thing really helps to sleep better, but couldn't find any difference. When he sleeps he sleeps.


Katnip Lounge said...

How we enjoy your Tuesday posts! Your cats are just as silly as the ones who live here.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

We kitties don't need help to sleep - humans could learn a lesson or two (or three or four) from us.

Barbara said...

I'm glad you have Arthur to protect you - although I have the feeling that if a burglar/kidnapper or anyone else bribed him with food he'd hand you over in a flash :-)

Linens and Royals said...

Your cats are very busy and have you well trained. Sometimes I think their life is more interesting than mine. Except for Kim, but Kim does look nice asleep on the bed.

Hannah and Lucy said...

It's amazing how quickly we get our humans trained to serve us our food and jump up so we can have "their" chair.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur sleeps so well because he's very tired as he worked so very hard as your bodyguard when you went visiting! :-)

catsynth said...

Hey, we've been absent for a while but we're back. Nice to see all the cats and their antics.
We are featuring a white cat today, a bit like Arthur :)

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Awwww. What a lovely update on all the kitties! We're so happy to see that effuryone is doing so well. :)

meowmeowmans said...

I always love reading your updates about your cats, Gattina! That Arthur is such a character. And we think Pookie's way of communicating with you is very clever. Our Moosey does like Rosie in the middle of the night after playing in the water bowl. Wet whiskers and paws are quite a shock from being fast asleep! :)

I am glad Kim let you take such a close-up picture of her, since we rarely get to see her pretty face!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I love that he's your bodyguard. So cute.

Ellen Whyte said...

LOL, lovely post, Gattina! how sweet your old girls are, and how clever. We're the same: if I visit the neighbours, Target and Guido come over and howl to tell me I'm in the wrong house.