Normally a cat should sleep in a nice beautifull basket with a cat design pictures on the plaid, and of course the color of the basket should fit with your furniture. Of course there are many sorts of baskets, wicker baskets, hard plastic baskets or soft onces, nicely colored or printed. A pleasure to the owners eyes ! Especially when his cude cat is curled up in therePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There are even very special once like these, invented by a famous designer (who of course pretents to know everyhing about cats and their comfort) with related . prices.

even for families with separated bedrooms.

In a beautifull clean house with expensive furniture the cat of course has to have an appropriate sleeping place. That's must !

Or even cat closets, so that they have scratchpost, sleeping place and straighten up toy place all together nicely in a corner and the cat's owner can be prowd of what he had bought for his darling cat.

To encourage his/her cat that she has clean and sharp claws, these beautifull climbing "instruments" should keep the cat away from your upholstered or leather furniture,Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting not to forget the carpets.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A scratchboard climbing tower

or a scratchboard cheese equipped with a mouse (very handy).

Of course there are so many models it's impossible to show them all.

Also in cat toy's creativity, men is unbeatable !

This for example is for owners playing billiard.
Sorry not for the owners but for their cats

Or for a football loving family. In such way the cat has not to play with ordinary foil balls or paper pieces etc. No, she is not excluded from the family interest in this sport

For all these poor cat owners unfortunately the cat has usually a completely different opinion about luxiorous sleeping , scratch and play places.
Also the toys are concerned. And here I can talk by experience !
To any sophisticated toys they rather play with curtains, strings and cords, foil balls, cartons, shoelaces, glasses, lighters, pens, flowers, plants, flies, bees, butterflies and grasshoppers (Pookie just brought one in !)

Cats sleep everywhere

For example in a cup

or a toilet

My cats also sleep everywhere but not in their nice beautifull baskets I bought for them. Even the beautifull plaids they ignore. Once, being polite old Lisa slept in the basket, but that was it ! So I had to give the baskets away, they took to much space.
To find your cat by starting a search operation like for missed children, you really have to look everywhere.
in all beds of the house : Under, besides or on. Sometimes under the cover (undercover)
closets, wardrobes or book and other shelves. (on or in) Be carefull with wardrobes they may suddenly jump out when you are NOT looking for them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When Arthur sleeps, you can even put a bomb besides him, he doesn't move !

Pookie likes company in the garden, even with a fake cat

Kim likes the sofa, but all other places are welcome, except a basket

Lisa also likes all kind of places, even medical once

Computers, printers scanners, warm and welcome

On all tables. They love nice tableclothes, they have a good taste ! But not when there is food, then they won't sleep but eat.

On all carpets and mats, in suitcases, boxes, washing baskets.
In sinks, bathtubes, toilets (on or in) Microwaves, oven, washing machine or dishwasher (on or in)

In or under the car, but mostly they don't like to drive. On the hot hood of a car (preferably the neighbor's car leaving paw traces,

on a tree, in the grass and in the garden shelter (carefull when opening the door !) .

My little Arthur sleept peacefully in the middle of the street ! The tar was so warm. Fortunately there is no traffic.

Good night ! (or should I say have a nice sleeping day ?)

It is so unusually hot today (around 92F°/34°C) that we are all completely dizzy by the heat. Especially we are not at all used or equipped for this !

My poor cats are laying around under the bushes and surely want to take their furr coat off.

Then they would look like him ! I am happy that they don't have a zip !

Cat to cat suggestions :

scratch ferociously at a door and miauw loud, and when they open, change your mind and go back to where you came from.

When they open the outdoor for you, sit on the swell half in, half out and think for a while if it's not too cold, or too hot (especially when there are mosquitos flying around)

Never sit in a dirty laundry basket, prefer a dry and clean one

Help when they fold the linen, jump on it. The best, when you came out of a muddy place

Always help when they are doing their beds, hide under the sheets or the blanket, so that they think you would suffocate.

Always try to play with a very busy person and avoid those who do nothing.

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