I decided to move over some of my pictures from my blog
httl://painting-cats-travelling, because I think the paintings are more adapted to this blog.
I always loved painting, but really started only in 1990, when I had more time. I went to an Art School near Waterloo, where I spent several years. It also was the first time in my life, I enjoyed going to school ! I learned a lot and we also had a lot of fun.
After that, since a few years I go to painting lessons organzized by our City. We have a teacher and our group consists of about 25 people all lesure painters. We also have a lot of fun, extended coffee brakes, birthday parties and chats ! It's a real nice group.
Once a year we are doing an exposition, where we expose and sometimes sell.

At the very beginning I painted after a photo and tried to respect the "truth", but very quickly I preferred just to combine the cats forms and use my favourite colors.

This is Max, sitting in a bush which I painted after a photo. Big Max died last year after 20 years of a happy cat life. We still miss him very much !.

Sitting quitely in a pub in London, I used to draw the people in there. At home I painted them by adding cats of course.

This was painted after a still life, but of course I had to add a cat ! That's why they all started to call me "Mme Chat" which means Mrs. Cat in french

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