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My cat Lisa has not yet realized and probably never will, that my husband is retired and that we could sleep as long as we want to. No, as a caring cat, since about 3 years, she jumpes on any bed first at 6 am now at 5, fumbling around your head and purring like mad. If this doesn't wake up the person she decided to wake up, she uses the paws combing the hairs. Then at a last resort bites in anything available hanging out of the cover

and this proverb who somebody wrote so romantically doesn't fit at all in our case !!

Sandpaper kisses
On a cheek or a chin - That is the way for a day to begin!
Sandpaper kisses a cuddle and a purr
I have an alarm clock thats covered in fur

So when the targeted person finally moves and grunts and doesn't realize yet why his hand, elbow, food is hurting, gets up half asleep, swearing (that's my husband) and finds his/her way to the kitchen, Lisa is a happy cat. She finally got what she wanted and to proof that, she is following her victim by trying her best to be within his/her feet.

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While the person in question puts food in her bowl she strikes around his/her legs and behaves like a halfstarved cat, who hasn't eaten for weeks.
Then she would smell at the food and while you are trying to return sighing in to your bed and go back to sleep, she follows you and watches carefully if you lay down correctly.

Then Madam Lisa settles down happily curls up and closes her eyes. She had done her duty. And you are laying on your back admiring the ceiling and try hard to fall asleep again. Most of the time it doesn't work.

Conclusion, since we are retired we are not allowed to sleep until 9 in one shot.

Now, I have to explain the purring of Lisa. In my whole life, all the cats I have met and that's a lot, not a single cat purred like Lisa. Her purring is something very special.

First it is not really a purring she does, it's something between a pigeon's curring, the sound of a razor and all this together is very loud ! Impossible to sleep with that and without exaggeration you can hear her from one room to the other when the door is open !

Lisa is a real bullheaded cat. If she has something in her mind, for all catnips in the world she wouldn't change.

That's the same with doors or closets. When she decided to have a door to be opened for her, e.g. a door to go out or a closet to sleep in, she scratches. And how ! She sits on her buttom and like a windmill scratches the door without any miauwing until somebody shows up breathless from running to open the door of her wishes. By the time having tried for years to educate her, we silently gave up and resigned and open the door ...

Lisa also has her daily rituals.

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When she sees my husband going in the bathroom in the morning, she immediately jumps on the sink and waits that he takes out his razor. And while he is shaving, she tries to assist him by playing with the cord or just checking if everything is done correctly.

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When he sits at his computer, she immediately shows up from wherever she was, jumps on the keyboard and surprises my husband with her creativity in showing him programs he even knew about or suddenly get the printer started.

If she sees me going into the kitchen and taking a pan out, then of course Lisa has to help me like this spanish proverb says

"You have to keep one eye on your pots and the other on your cat "

and that is true. How many times I had to watch her not jumping in the pan and frying herself ! And anouncing to my husband in the evening "we will have fried cat tonight."

And I could continue and filling up pages and pages with Lisa's uses and peculiarities !


Moobear said...

Being the honest person that I am, I have always loved kittens, but cats bother me slithering tween my legs and making hissing sounds. I am a dog lady, but just reading your blog and seeing your love for cats you may have taken me somewhere I just might like to go. I think my little Roxy needs a cat friend. As you know, they are not a lack of those. Thanks for juggling my senses Gattina.
God Bless!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Lisa is quite a character! She has you well trained. I help Mom get ready in the morning, too. What a funny-sounding purr. The cat before Bonnie had a funny purr - she'd sort of hick-up during it. Purr, purr, purr-Hick! Purr, purr, purr-Hick! It was like a saw striking something on every few strokes.

P A R I D H I.P said...

hey , i comletely agree with u ,
about the cat waking u up early in the morn even if u dont want to.
my kitty just makes me mad....but after a while if i dont get up he will sleep with me.

Anonymous said...

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