As the whole week we had summer weather while in summer we made our autumn, Arthur loves to take a sunbath on Mr. G's car roof.

and of course he is the "charmer" for all people walking by or our visitors. Here he seduces my friend Christiane.

Rosie too loves to lay outside in the sunshine and does her Yoga exercises to keep in shape.

Pookie has discovered the bathtube again and rumbles in it while chasing her tail, she is very disappointed that so far she hadn't catched it ! And we have a free show to watch while in the bathroom.

Kim is still somewhere outside and we don't see her very much, she comes inside during night for food, at least I hope so, unless somebody else feeds here. We see her laying in the middle of the grass, but as soon as we try to approach she runs away. I hope that when it's cold she will move in again. Strange cat !

When I read my book in my bed and before switching off the light I have this peaceful, cosy view. Rosie and Arthur sleeping in line besides me. Mr. G has Pookie watching over his sleep, and they snore together in a perfect duo.


meowmeowmans said...

How nice that you've had a spell of nice weather. We are glad Arthur and Rosie are enjoying the sunshine! Pookie is so funny and cute -- she has a built-in toy with her tail. :) How strange that Kim is around, but that she stays away from you for now. We hope she comes in when it gets colder.

Happy Tuesday to you all! :)

Cindy said...

So cute! I can see that Arthur is a real charmer! We've had a lot of rain lately so my cats are going a little stir crazy! Buster is doing a "guest post" this week! Happy Cats on Tuesday to everyone!

Photo Cache said...

arthur how are you buddy? are you back to good health?

emma and buster

Whisppy said...

White Mr G car, white Arthur, white blouse Christiane. Perfect harmony. :)
Rosie and Pookie look very well too! Ling has decided she wants to play with Cosmo at night so she no longer sleep with me...

Sparkle said...

Wow, you have an awesome bathtub! I would love to play hockey in it with a mousie!

Jackie said...

Our Indian summer returned for two days over the weekend, but it is very cold and windy today even though the sun is shining. Rappy spent most of the night under the covers with me, and I was cold last night and could not get to sleep. Now he and Jet are sleeping on top of the bed, Calli was on the bed but has now gone out for a stroll in the garden.
Watching Pookie chase tail in the bathtub must be hilarious, maybe she thinks the confined space will make it easier to catch. I'm surprised Jet doesn't do the same, his tail never stops twitching, I think he has a Mexican jumping bean inside it.

Johanna said...

I can see, that the cats own your house and you are living in the house of your pets, right? Thats how cats act. I know what I am telling. Your cats are so cute. Love Pookie in the bathtube.
Best greetings, Johanna

Mr Puddy said...

Pookie is my star this week : )
If you can put her play chasing the tail in Youtube, that will be fun and awesome ! Just read it I have to laugh..tee..heh

I hope Kim stop to act weird so soon. and purrs for her to come home.
Hugs to you Gattina

Barbara said...

Love the idea of Pookie chasing her tail in the bathtub! Pepper chases her's too - no idea what she'd do if she ever caught it :O)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love watching my cats play in the bathtub. They don't do it so much anymore though.
I hope Kim comes in when it starts to rain and stays home for awhile.

catsynth said...

We were enjoying a very summer-like week here, too.

Arthur is once again quite the charmer, and it looks like Rosie is enjoying the outside, too.

Ginger Jasper said...

The indian summer has been here too but now it is realy cold brrr. I think thas a lovely greeting for visitors to see Arthur sat on the car and what more could you ask for at bedtime than a duo of kitties to keep you company.. Hugs GJ xx

Kjelle Bus said...

Last week it was nice weather in Sweden too , but today it´s raining and raining and raining :(

Love the pictures on Arthur on the carroof ! He is such a cool cat !!

Rosie it´s very good that you are doing yoga , it´s very healthy I´ve heard :)

I hope you catch your tail someday soon Pookie :)

And both me and mom hopes that Kim soon will be an indoor cat again !

Have a pawsome tuesday , what´s left of it ;-)

We love LUNA said...

Your friend Cristiane is very kind, I love the pictures!
Glad that Arthur enjoyed the sweet visitor in his place!The sunny days were fantastic indeed!
purrs and love

Hannah and Lucy said...

We would love to watch the bath tub tail chase - we bet it is a fun game to watch!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Lucy the Cat said...

Arthur is such a love. It's no wonder he has his fans. Rosie does a good job keeping in shape and Pookie is too cute in the tub. I hope Kim comes back inside!

Love the snoring duo! :)

Deb said...

busy at your house

Deb said...

busy at your house

Au and Target said...

MOL, T-man and Au snore like lions too so I've taken to sleeping in another room some nights.

Nice to see Arthur and Rosie enjoying the sunshine! Pookie is looking very good and so is that tail! Kim is a strange one isn't she? But she looks happy to be half wild.

Linens and Royals said...

Arthur, did MrG buy a white car to match your fur or adopt you to match his car??

amanda said...

how lucky that you still have nice warm weather! It's getting cooler here, so time to snuggle up. Love the photo of Arthur on Mr. G's car! Rio from Barcelona