To play or not to play ?

Pookie the sink squatter

and little Rosie in her role as cute cat

I am still in Egypt until next Sunday. I haven't been in town yet, because I am too lazy and anyway I know it by heart that's why I haven't seen a single cat or other critters here besides the human once.

Enjoy Cats on Tuesday and don't forget to visit each other !!


Mr Puddy said...

Gattina, Thank you so much to be a great host even you are still on holiday : )

Arthur, I didn't know mom'shoe is your toy.

Pookie, Sink is a nice cool place, I should try sometime : )

Rosie, you look so cute

The Chair Speaks said...

Think Arthur is too lazy to play.
Just curious; has Pookie ever peed in the sink?
Rosie is very comfortable at her post.
Do enjoy your days in Egypt.

We love Luna said...

Hey dear Pookie, it's not a good idea take a nap inside that sink, the weather is not good and it's so cold today!Better go for a nap in your mommy's bed, inside some blanket and so on!
love you all!

Linens and Royals said...

Pookie if the sink is not occupied I think it a good idea to claim squatters rights.
Yes Rosie you are a cute cat, hope you are looking after Arthur while Gattina is away.

catsynth said...

Thanks for hosting even while on holiday. Those are nice "snapshots" of the cats to have while away.

Ginger Jasper said...

Cute poctures.. Have a great time.. Hugs GJ x

Lui, Sweepy, Sumo said...

Knock, knock! Is Gattina home? Hello? Meow?

meowmeowmans said...

Great pictures! We hope you are enjoying your holidays, Gattina. :)

Jingle said...

cute cats.
have a fun day.