I came back home yesterday and we were greated with loud meauws by ol' Lisa ! She was the only one who dared to welcome us and apparently very happy to see her slaves back. After a while Arthur and Rosie showed up too, but didn't show any feelings ! they just looked at us as if they wanted to say "what are you doing here" and disappeared again. But in the evening they both came to sleep with me in my bed, even Arthur who does it only very seldom.

Morning cleaning, Rosie checks if it is done correctly

After having meauwed several times during the night, Lisa slept happily in her basket the whole day !

Arthur thought I just have to look cute !

Pookie also showed up after a while and immediately settled down in our bag, she still sits in there so my bag is not yet unpacked ! (good excuse, thank you Pookie !)

Kim even opened an eye to great us, which is a miracle

Apparently they didn't suffer at all from our absence and my friend told me that as soon as we were gone Lisa already stand in front of her door and meauwed !

Butzel you must turn on comments !( http://butzelnews.blogspot.com/) if you want us to visit you !


Black Cat said...

Welcome back Gattina! I hope you had a lovely holiday. It seems that the cats were ignoring you to punish you for going away, but they couldn't keep it up for long:) xxx

Ana said...

Welcome back, Gattina! We missed you really much! Cats can be strange sometimes... but sure they will be back to normal soon.

PS: Faced the same problem with Butzel after her visit :-)

catsynth said...

Welcome home!

In a way it's good, the cats weren't too distraught and rode out your vacation.

Katie said...

Welcome back! Cats are so funny - they hardly notice when we disappear, as long as the food is still there! :D

I didn't realise just how many cats you have until they are all in the same post together! What a fuzzy household, hehe! :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Good to see you back, Gattina. It's good you have someone you can trust to look after your furry lot.

My two are going to a cat motel...on a twin share basis, when I go to New Zealand in November. Because they are indoor cats, I thought it was fairer on them that way. They're used to me being home and with them on their own all day and night (even if someone feeds them), God knows what they'll get up to while I'm away.

Puss-in-Boots said...

BTW, as I mentioned the Pope is here in Australia. He's okay...he likes cats and asked for a cat to stay with him while he's here. Nice.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Mitzi and Bella are glad to see you back, Gattina.

TorAa said...

OMG - What language do you speak and understand now but:

Stompa is back - say no more