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Today Rosie is 5 months old ! I just can't believe it in one months she will be an adult cat !

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Little Rosie when she first arrived, 6 weeks old

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And today with her 5 months

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She could even sleep in the basket

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But today it's very narrow !

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It's also funny to catch flies !

and still the best buddies !


michico*Adan said...

Compare few months ago, we can see the magic on life creature~!!! That is very magical for sure~!!!!
Rosie will become a big cat in very shortly, and she will be like Adan soon~!!!!
Rosie is so cute~!!!!! I love she is in the basket now, more narrow more cute, she grows bigger and pretty more~!!!!!!

She is just like a great Tuxi star to me~!!!

And very very cute Slide show of Rosie find the fly, hehehehe, Mr Gattina is very relax down there, hahahahaha~!!!!!!!

Say hi to Arthur for me, and please kiss Rosie 10 times for me~!!!

michico & Adan

.:mar said...

Little Rosie? an adult cat next month??
time surely flies by!
Love the pic with her best friend :)

Happy five months to Rosie!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

rosie, you area beautiful girl...so soon to be a grown up. do you feel like you're getting older?

i'm only 3 days older than you. mom says she can see me grow sometimes. funny moms!


Luna said...

Happy "5" Month, dear Rosie!!!

Funny pictures with the fly, and the basket.
Mr. Gattino scheint das gar nicht zu stören ;-)

Gretchen said...

Happy 5 months day, Rosie. You really have grown in five months. Your a regular cutie.


claudie said...

C'est vraiment amusant de voir Rosie en train d'essayer d'attraper la mouche! Les chatons c'est tellement mignon! Mais ça passe vite! Enfin même adultes ce sont quand même mes bébés! J'adore les caliner quand je rentre du boulot et eux, surtout Patouf, ils adorent ça!

Cuidado said...

She's still acting like a kitten, Gattina, and that is good.

Anonymous said...

Rosie is soon an adult kittie! But she still is very very cute (and I am sure she always will be!)!
I love to catch flies, too!! It's fun!!

Karen Jo said...

Those are wonderful pictures of Rosie. I like the ones of her trying to find the fly best. Happy Five Months Birthday, Rosie. I will be putting all the limericks together in a book when I have written enough of them. It takes a lot of limericks to make a book, so it will be a while yet.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Five months old already! Time sure flies and she's made herself right at home in your household with the other cats, especially her best friend, Arthur.

I hope you have her for a long time, Gattina, it sounds as if she brings you so much joy. She's a very special little cat.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh Rosie, you are the cutest and Happy 5 Month Birthday!! You have grown so much are turning into a perfect young girlcat!
Your FL furiends,

julie said...

Happy birthday to Rosie! She's a cutie.

Paula said...

Rosie has sure grown in just a few months.

Ginger said...

What a sweet, beautiful, little face. I love kittens!