from Arthur, Pookie, Lisa, Rosie and Kim

Arthur was happy that the roof of our garden shed had been repaired. Last week came two men with a lot of interesting stuff which Arthur had to inspect and while they were working and hammering and sawing, Arthur sat there and controlled everything. He also looked in the men's bag to check if there were not a little breakfast inside. Unfortunately for him it wasn't. As soon as the new roof was on the shed, Arthur climbed on it and settled down. Now the world for him was in order again.

This morning he came back from his work under the neighbor's cars and had a black tail. He gave me a slap with his paw when I tried to clean it. But he kept his claws inside it was just to show me that he could do the cleaning himself but first he had to have something to eat.

He watched Lisa just to check if the served meal was good. But Lisa is not a good food taster, she eats everything eatable. Then he tried himself but didn't like it.

So he climbed on the kitchen board and looked inside the empty cans. It was the same food, but it tasted apparently better because he leaked what was left on the border.

and as water tastes much better from the tap he had a little drink before he went to bed to have his well earned nap.

As you can see he had cleaned his tail before. Arthur takes care of himself ! White is delicate to wear !

Rosie was a little upset that he didn't play with her and decided to take a little nap too.


Suzanne R said...

Arthur's adventures are always fun! Rosie does look a bit put out in that last picture. LOL!

Have a great holiday in Egypt!

I will post my COT a bit later, after Andree has hers up.

katztales said...

I can see Arthur is a very self possessed cat! Have a great time at the Red Sea. Looking forward to pics!

michico*Adan said...

I like Lisa, I think she eat everything eatable is very very interesting, It's meaning she is very nice, is she??

Arthur is pretty cool~! I like him~! I think all cat loves to stand at the top. He is doing really great job~!!!!!! And what a awesome work he clean his tail, I really do like his habbit, really really good~!

At last, I think Rosie want Arthur to see more and talk to her which place is best, then she decide to go there, hehehe~!

Andrée said...

Gee Arthur is a busy kitty! No wonder he has to sleep. Rosie does look perturbed there. In your header, I actually got scared. I thought that was a REAL spider with Rosie!

Have a wonderful trip. How lucky you are to be able to go. Lots of photos, OK??

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the dirt on Arthur's tail! When I saw the first photo I noticed it and thought to myself that in all the time I have been reading your blog, I hadn't realized that Arthur actually had a dark tip to his tail. I was rather relieved to learn that it was only dirt. I was beginning to think that I was simply not very observant!

You are so lucky to be jetting off to all these places! I have been to Egypt (briefly) and enjoyed it, but did get an upset tummy (don't eat street food!).

My 5 year-old son is VERY much into Egypt right now. In fact tonight's bedtime story was about the discovery of King Tut's tomb. So please let me know when you do your Egypt Cybercruise, because my son will be fascinated!

Enjoy yourself!

Paula said...

I hope you have a great holiday in Egypt and take lots of pictures!

Arthur is quite the adventurer.
My cats all think the water tastes better out of running tap and of course they also think the food tastes better out of the container too.
I try to tell them it is the same but they don't believe me.

Tink said...

Have a great holiday! Give my regards to Bast! ;-)

Luna said...

Have a great holiday !!!!
Arthur is a always a funny cat, never boring with a cat like him.

Na, du hast es gut, Red Sea, da ist es bestimmt warm und sonnig....
Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall einen tollen Urlaub!!!

Dorothy said...

Arthur sure is a great supervisor. His tail looks in pretty good shape, too.

Have a nice Holiday!

Celeste said...

He is such a cat! LOL

Maryellen said...

Have a great trip. I have no idea how to save the cat picture and put it into the text of my blog. Would posting the picture on the sidebar be enough?

Deana said...

Gattina you get to go on the most exciting trips and for so long! Your babies are going to miss you I'm sure. Arthur is looking as handsome as ever, I love his head in the can. I hope you have a nice time and I will visit Andree and we will see you soon! Travel safely!

Dragonheart said...

Arthur, you are doing a good job snoopervising, and keeping an eye on everything!

Gattina, I hope you have a good trip!

TorAa said...

Arthur will sit on the roof and watch after you, until you return from the land of cats and faraos.
That would be something for you to think about. That poor creature - and beeing fed by mr Gattino - how would this end? In horror during this Halloween time?

Have a splendid voyage

Kuanyin said...

Have fun on your adventure! Read about Anela's big adventure today!

martoon said...

I love the picture of him drinking from the tap - thats classic. A step up from the toilet anyways :D

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

I havent been loggin into the net for the past 2 weeks because of work. But wow....look at Rosie now. She is almost as big as Arthur, almost. They sure grow fast!