This is a picture I like ! In the evening, while watching TV, my cats together. Well, not all of them because Lisa is probably eating (for sure) and Kim is always outside in summer and sleeps on the patio chairs. She only comes in for food. Not because we won't let her in but because she is an outdoor cat through and through.

United Cats, Arthur, Pookie, Rosie

When I am "working" Rosie loves to sleep between me and the computer and purrs like a little sewing machine.

She has discovered flowers and tries to drink out of the vase !

some climbing excerises are requested to keep her in a good shape

I don't know who has more fun Mr. Gattino or Rosie. Here he points a red lazer spot on the armchair and Rosie tries to catch it. They play for hours like that !

Rosie (unfortunately) has discovered my nose and when she has her "tender" moments she would come on my desk and leak my nose with her tiny little tongue !


Ann said...

I think kittens are the best things ever! I can sit and watch them at play forever.

Rosie is just so adorable. I'm glad to see the other cats getting along with her.

Karen Jo said...

Yay! Three cats in the same room together. They are getting along much better now. That is quite a position Rosie is in on top of the scratching post. She is really cute playing with the flower.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rosie is just darling! And I'm so glad she is settling in so well with your other kitties.

I loved reading about her kissing your nose! I love to kiss, too -- I kiss so often that Mom calls me Kissyface!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Puss-in-Boots said...

How lovely, Rosie is settling in so well. What a dear little cat she is. You did well with her adoption, Gattina.

小芥 michico said...

Dear Gattina,
This is Adan's elder post, here is one photo when Adan come to my house at the first day:

This article is all Chinese, so, you may just see about the photo.
This is about one of Adan's toy, from the first day is came until now, the scale is really different.

I think Rosie will be very very beautiful when she bigger, because Adan is so beautiful right now~!

I just love Tuxi cat, they are very unique and individual characteristics.

You will have lots of fun with them I am sure ^o^

meeyauw said...

It's a lot of fun watching Rosie acclimate to the others while she grows. I thought Buddy was the only cat in the world that slept between me and keyboard. I should've known better. Wait till Rosie is big. Buddy is so huge now that I can't type at all when he curls up like that.

feralone said...

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Thank you for such an entertaining blog. Your kitties are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

He, he!!
Some wet nosekisses?
But Rosie is such a nice little kitty!
I like that pic where she sits in that really big chair!

Gretchen said...

I know Rosie is growing, but she looks so tiny in that chair. She's such a sweetie.

Mother of Invention said...

Adorable! Now I REALLY want a kitten! I better stay away from pet stores! My one calico, Socks, loves that red laser dot, but Mookie, the younger one, doesn't fall for it at all. She just looks with wonder at Socks going crazy over it! Then, one night, she suddenly went wild over it, and has never chased it since! Guess she just wanted to experience it once.

Deana said...

I know Rosie has already wrapped your heart because she is wrapping mine. She is just so cute. I miss that kitten energy in the house. All her pics are darling, especially that tiny body in that big chair!