Since Rosie has discovered that there is other food than her kitten food, she absolutely doesn't want to eat it anymore. No she wants to have the same as the others. It bothers me a bit because I think kitten food would be better for her, but as she has had no troubles at all and a very good appetite, I thought I drop the kitten food. Only dry kitten food I still give her although she also eats from the others bowl. I can hardly take a chair sit in the kitchen besides the food and watch whole day ! Her food is served in my room but ...

Here she checks what else is available

Arthur waits until he is served

and eats with good appetite. Rosie watches and waits

The same with Lisa, since she had got a slap from Lisa because she wanted to eat with her, she became more careful.

and as soon as the others have left, she starts ! After now 10 days she became already bigger, I can see it at our remote control !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Rosie is finding her place in the pecking order in your family. But she already wants to be one of the big cats instead of the youngest.

Anonymous said...

Hallo, salut, goed dag, ciao and hej!
I have just seen you visited my blog.
Rosie is a VERY sweet kitty!!
Take care of her!
Although I am now living in Sweden I am actually a German cat.
I first thought you were Italian because of "Gattina".
Have a nice day!

Dorothy said...

Rosie is growing....soon she'll be big enough swat the othres if they don't please her. By the way, I love the colors throught your house.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, Rosie is such a precious little girl! I'm glad she's settling into your household so well.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Karen Jo said...

I have read on other blogs about the new kitten wanting to eat what the grown cats are eating instead of their kitten food. At least Rosie is being polite about it now. She is certainly very cute.

Luna said...

Wow, Gattina, you have a very nice kitchen !!!
It is like with children, they always want to eat what the others have, or not ?

Paula said...

Oh Little Rosie is just so cute!
I used to have the exact same problem with Wikipedia, when she was tiny kitten I felt she needed the kitten food too.
She refused to eat it after she discoved the others had different food. So for awhile there I would mix the kitten food into the big kitties food and they loved that and all got a little extra fat because of it, but it was only until Wikipedia was 7 months old.
When I stopped adding the kitten food to the big kitties food they were mad at me for a week! But every now and then I will buy a small amount and give it to the as a treat!

Salix Tree said...

Rosie is soooo cute!
Our young Pippin still waits for the older cats to finish eating, even though he is much bigger than either one, and can easily nudge them out of the way. Isn't that polite?