Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I don't know what happened, maybe because it was Friday 13 and Kim is a black cat, but the weather was so warm (25°C, 77 F in spring ! ) that Kim, who usually behaves like an invisable (cat) goast and never does anything, suddenly woke up and behaved like a "normal" cat !

under Pookie's watchful eyes, she did the same as Arthur, she smelled something very good in the grass.

and then she rolled herself around and around

showed her shaved but now knot free tummy

showed the only spots she has ... yellow eyes

and then walked away satisfied

to give her beloved Pookie a kiss ! (OK I missed the kiss slightly).
If now Lisa and Pookie will also roll themselves in the grass, then I really get suspicious of about what is growing there ! To my knowledge I didn't plant any canabis !


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I think this is why we love cats so much, they're so mysterious and we never know what they'll do next. I love when kitties show affection to one another!

jeter harris said...

hey gattina ... mi sistah kallie haz lottsa knotz in her fur an she won't let mi mom take 'em owt. mi byootiful dr. landerfeld wantz to cip her a "lion cut" ... wuddya think?
luv--yer frend--jh

jeter harris said...

thank u fer yer advice gattina ... da onlee problum iz dat mi sistah iz abowt 18 an mi mom iz wurried abowt da anesthesia!

Karen Jo said...

There must be something very interesting indeed in that spot in the grass. Does catnip or catmint grow wild in Belgium?