Today it is unusually warm. Mid April we have 28 °C (83.4F) and in some places it even goes over 30° (86F). The weatherman said that since the weatherforecasts exist it hasn't been so hot in April ! And in the southern countries where it should be hot it's cold !

So what does my cat family do ? Nothing. They just move like little snails from one nap place to another ! They all probably wait for the evening when it's getting a little cooler. So each place in the house is occupied for one hour or two and then everybody moves to another place.

Last napping place for Arthur on the sofa back

Last napping place for Pookie, on my bed (of course)

Lisa choose the cat basket and sleeps on a warm plaid ! (What an idea !)

and Kim squats another bed.

Sometimes I wish I would be a cat, but then in my house !


Caesar and Princess said...

This is a crazy year for weather... here we had such beautiful spring in February, then March is was winter and then a few days of Spring... and now... it is so cold windy (60 miles per hour) the house could blow down. I am hiding under a blanket today!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

they move like snails...so true! so much napping--what a life, eh? lol