To all of you !

Arthur even washs when a naughty person has put a hat on his head, to remain white and clean !

and to prove that he is clean, he puts himself besides Kim to show the contrast.

Pookie even cleans here intim spheres in public to remain clean !

And even old Lisa never neglects to clean her fur !


Jana said...

Glad to know you're still around somewhere...don't SEE you much anymore at Claudia's place or at Grammies.
Nice to see the cats are keeping clean and I liked the pic ofyou and Mr. G at the Grand Canyon. I think we were in the same place! Did you see a recent map to find out where you had to drive 8 hours to get a motel?? We're cleaning carpet this weekend and then going for a picnic - or maybe a bike ride, the weather is BEAUTIFUL - 70's and warm and sunny!!

Tara said...

heheheh...loved the hats, and great job cleaning! Like I said on your other blog, it is very important.

Thanks for directing me over here!

Karen Jo said...

At least Pookie is modest, hiding her most intimate places with her paw. Arthur is very tolerant of hats, it seems.

Heidi said...

I think I have seen a theme of cats and babies today. Lovely looking cats!

Caesar + Princess said...

The kitties look very happy and very very clean!
I like Arthur's hat!

Anonymous said...

I love how Arthur contrasts himself with Kim to show how clean he is! In my experience, black kitties are never quite as interested in cleaning themselves as white kitties. Why should they? Dirt doesn't show so well on the black kitties!