Although it's nice and sunny outside, Arthur needs to nap. After that he is fresh again for new adventures in the neighborhood. Since it's spring, he is back to his old habits and helps the people in their garden.

But today I wanted to show you some pictures of Arthur when he sleeps. I don't show you pictures of Lisa, Pookie and Kim, because they sleep like all normal cats do. With Arthur it's different. I have never seen a cat in such funny poses. He makes me laugh every day.

and if you want to see some more I had them published here on my Photo blog for Photo Pherrets.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee! Arthur is precious. What adorable sleeping positions! Kitties are a joy, aren't they? My hubby and I have four cats, and one is a little Siamese boy just shy of one year old. His name is Mao, and he sleeps in all kinds of funny positions, too. And oh my, what a talker! :) He's hilarious -- like having a little kitty clown in the house.

Karen Jo said...

Arthur can certainly find some interesting positions to sleep in. That last picuture looks more like a normal kitty sleeping position.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Hahaha...Arthur reminds me of Ginger. Her sleeping position never fails to make me smile, just like Arthur.